• We choose to give everyone the tools and support needed to progress

We’re open-minded about how our people deliver. We actively support a range of working styles and lifestyles, providing the flexibility and support you need to flourish inside and outside of work.

Managing work and home life

dbFamily is an Employee Resource Group, represented across many of our global locations, which champions employees with dependents and caring responsibilities – how to manage those responsibilities at work and at home while maintaining health and wellbeing. Like all of our networks, dbFamily is open to everyone, taking an intentionally broad interpretation of family to include children, step children, siblings, ageing parents, single parents, adopted families, extended families, new families and families to be.

Raising a family

Our employees are our most important resource and we rely on them to help us shape the future of our bank. Our benefits offering focuses on employees’ financial, social, mental and physical wellbeing and includes around 900 benefit programs worldwide.

In a number of regions, a progressive and family-friendly parental leave framework has been established, no longer differentiating between a male and a female parent but instead following a gender-neutral approach.

The bank also assists working parents, for instance in finding suitable childcare. Overall, we provide more than 370 childcare spaces near workplaces in major global hubs in addition to emergency care days for children every year (in Germany, the UK and the US).

In Germany, working parents can also make use of free-of-charge advice and placement services (e.g. emergency care, au pairs, daycare, nannies, domestic aid) offered by a countrywide cooperation partner. In many countries, where childcare spaces cannot be provided directly, we make contributions to cover the cost of childcare.

In India, Deutsche Bank has partnerships with well-known childcare facilities and covers up to 25% of employees’ childcare costs.

Flexing around employee needs

To accommodate employees’ needs and offer flexibility, working from home, working part-time and job-sharing opportunities are all generally available, subject to specific role requirements based on regulatory or client needs. In addition, Deutsche Bank offers a variety of paid and unpaid leave to allow employees to manage special unforeseen events, e.g. sickness of children, bereavement of immediate family member.

Employees in Germany can invest in a personal flextime account, to take leave for a period of up to one year or reduce their work hours.