• What to expect in the recruitment process

Deutsche Bank recruits on-campus for internship and graduate programme opportunities across the globe. However, we also accept applications from universities where we don’t have a presence on-campus, too. You can visit the events section of this site to find out when we may be visiting your campus. You can also check with your careers’ services office and local university clubs.

Dates vary by region, but most applications open in September. Keep an eye on our social media but also the ‘search page’ where you can see
roles that are currently open. You must have graduated within the last 12 months in order to apply for our graduate programme. If you graduated
more than 12 months ago then please consider applying for other direct entry opportunities at Deutsche Bank here.

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Our application process

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Stage 1: Explore and research

You have the option to start at any stage of your studies or after graduation.
We recommend that you use our Events and Employability Hub to find out more about working here and to search for events we are running that will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions of our employees before you apply.
It’s important before you apply for an internship or graduate programme opportunity that you understand how a bank like ours is structured and which division you would like to work in so we have created this useful guide.
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Stage 2: Apply

Once you have all the information you need, it’s time to take the next step and apply. Visit our “Apply” page to search for the role that you wish to apply for. You will be asked to submit a short application form and to attach your CV. Make sure you check the eligibility criteria for the vacancy you are applying for. This information is displayed in each job description. Apply Apply
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Stage 3: Online Assessments

You will be asked to take a series of online assessments. The type of assessments you will be asked to take will vary depending on the role that you are applying for.
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Stage 4: Interview (all roles except in our Technology Centres)

An interview is your opportunity to tell us a bit more about you, your motivations for the role and what skills you can bring to Deutsche Bank. This is most likely to be a video interview, and you will be provided with some preparation time after being shown each question and before recording your response.

*If you are applying to our Praktikum Internship roles in Germany you will participate in interviews with Human Resources and the business division you are applying to.
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Stage 5: Assessment Centre

Congratulations you have reached the final stage. This is your opportunity to meet a wide range of Deutsche Bank employees and ask us all the questions you have about working here. The components of this Assessment Centre will vary depending on the role that you have applied for. More information on the assessments you will be asked to undertake and what is expected of you will be laid out and confirmed in your Assessment Centre invitation.

You may have more questions about our application process and so we have created a useful Frequently Asked Questions section of our website where you will find most answers to our questions. Alternatively, our recruiters and interviews will be happy to answer any questions when you meet them in our application process.

*If you are applying to our Praktikum Internship roles in Germany you will not attend an Assessment Centre. You will participate in interviews with Human Resources and the business division you are applying to.
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Stage 6: Join

The Deutsche Bank Internship Programme begins in June and lasts anywhere from 8-10 weeks. The Deutsche Bank Graduate Programme begins in July and continues for your first year with the Bank.
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