Data Privacy Statement

Deutsche Bank Group complies with applicable law with respect to the collection, maintenance and disclosure of personal information you provide.

Declaration of consent:
By submitting my application, I hereby give my consent to the Deutsche Bank Group worldwide to use my personal data contained in the document, and understand it may be maintained by Deutsche Bank for a period of time following my application. The information may be disclosed to employees and agents of the Deutsche Bank Group in connection with the processing of my application, and for other purposes including the comparison of the information given in the application with the requirements of the vacant positions of the Deutsche Bank Group. The personal data provided may also be disclosed by Deutsche Bank to any entity within the Deutsche Bank Group as well as to external parties and authorities as permitted and/or required by applicable law and regulations.

Any inquiries or concerns may be directed to the Deutsche Bank Human Resources helpdesk in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Australia and New Zealand at the following numbers:
US: +1 212 250 5365
UK: +44 20 7545 5588
India: +49 30 6676 9088
Australia/New Zealand: +49 30 6676 9088

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