• Our Human Capital Strategy

At Deutsche Bank, transforming the way we work is an essential part of the bank’s strategy 2025+. The bank’s Human Capital agenda seeks to create an environment where employees unleash their full potential and are empowered to work together to continuously enhance the bank’s sustainable performance culture. 

Align workforce
to future
business needs

Enable all
leaders to lead
the future

potential of
all employees

Keep the
bank safe

Our Human Capital agenda is built on four cornerstones and ‘DB Inside’ provides you with a front row seat into how we develop our people and manage our places. It explores how our day-to-day activities at Deutsche Bank brings our ambition to life. 

Our strategy has data-driven and objective people decisions at its core. In the Human Capital Report you can find the necessary background information on the impact that Human Capital has on the sustainable performance culture that Deutsche Bank strives for. 

Align workforce to future business needs

We develop talent across the globe. Managing our workforce effectively and according to business needs is critical for our success. We establish work arrangements that promote better work-life balance in a hybrid working environment.

Enable all leaders to lead the future

We understand that everything flows from strong leadership. We have a clear understanding of what we want our leadership DNA to be. Embedding diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace is a priority for us. To be successful, we rely on our leaders to understand how to manage diverse teams, be inclusive, and take responsibility for guiding and empowering our employees.

Unleash potential of all employees

We believe that learning every day is critical for the development of our people and the ongoing success of the bank. We strive to create an engaging, personalized and varied learner experience accessible to all employees, at every stage of their career. 

Keep the bank safe

Speaking up, providing and receiving feedback, as well as aligning employee’s priorities to the bank’s strategy, remain vital parts of the bank’s corporate culture. Our compensation framework promotes and rewards outperformance that is achieved in line with our values and beliefs.