• Our learning culture

Our industry is continuously changing and therefore learning has long been a key ingredient of our people strategy at Deutsche Bank. It is important for our employees to make time to get better at getting better. We create an engaging, personalized and varied learner experience accessible to all employees, at every stage of their career.

A personalized approach to skills development

At Deutsche Bank we want to create a working environment for our employees that empowers them to learn every day. And there are multiple ways of doing so. Our global annual People Survey 2022 showed that 86% of our people agree that sharing knowledge and learnings is much encouraged

In 2022, we launched a new home for learning that uses smart technology to suggest content that is personalized for each user – our LearningHub. Here, employees can map their learning to the skills they want to develop. And if they like what they are learning, they can recommend or share learning resources with others, join groups, collaborate and leverage experts. We count 700,000 learning assets in our virtual learning library.

of our people agree that sharing knowledge and learnings is much encouraged

learning assets

Discover our Global Head of Talent, Development & Suitability and senior managers speaking about Deutsche Bank's learning culture

Skills for business

At Deutsche Bank our divisions and businesses are all very unique and they serve their clients differently.
We value a variety of different skills, such as finance experts - of course -, but also engineers, lawyers, people consultants, project managers, agile coaches, security professionals, academics and many more.

This variety of needs means employees need to build and maintain different skills. With technology and markets moving quickly, it is key to keep the pace with learning content.

Our people are the first line in protecting the bank and its reputation. They play a vital part in preserving the trust our stakeholders put in us, and a key role in the global fight against financial crime. To ensure they have everything they need to preserve a strong risk culture and keep our bank safe we continue to invest in our talent, in their education and capabilities. Stefan Simon, Member of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank

With our new intelligent learning platform, we have been able to democratize the creation and curation of learning, which allows our talent to customize learning paths for their needs.

A team of learning experts are also on hand to support our different functions, bringing technical expertise, learning best practices and depth of resources together. This is critical as we know that developing the skills of our people is key to the success of our Global Hausbank concept.

Partnering with our Technology, Data and Innovation division has meant that rich content from world-class tech companies has been made available, allowing our employees to easily access the latest research, expertise and thinking.

As technologists, we experience the fast pace of change every day. To stay ahead, we have to keep learning, continuously build our skills and discuss the latest thinking with our colleagues. This collaboration with HR also shows how much technology continues to play a critical role in the bank’s transformation. Dilipkumar Khandelwal, Global Head of Technology Centres and Global CIO Corporate Functions

Connecting colleagues globally… over coffee.

How to stay connected in a global organization?

Our Mystery Coffee initiative is about facilitating networking in the bank by matching employees for an in-person or virtual coffee using smart algorithms.

Building on what we achieved over the last few years, Mystery Coffee , totally global and virtual, continues to be one of our most successful informal learning initiatives. Matching employees across the organization for an informal ‘coffee’ has enabled people to stay connected, learn about other areas of the business and appreciate difference.

In 2022 we counted 41,941 matches which underscores the power of this initiative.