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Deutsche Bank is a Global organization, with 157 nationalities represented and a presence in 58 countries.
Our global workforce is highly engaged, with Deutsche Bank’s 2022 People Survey showing that both our commitment and enablement scores are above Financial Services benchmarks.

Deutsche Bank is represented across all continents.

Deutsche Bank has the ambition to become the leading Global Hausbank in Europe. With almost 85,000 full-time employees (FTEs) at the end of 2022, the bank employed people of 157 nationalities and was represented in 58 countries across all continents. While the bank has a strong workforce in its home market of Germany (around 35,600 employees), it employed the majority (58%) of its internal workforce outside Germany. Some of our largest locations can be found in India (~17,000 employees), USA (~7,500), and UK (~7,400), as well as in Italy, Spain, Singapore the Philippines and Romania. In this global environment, diversity, equity and inclusion are the foundations of our values and the bank continues to focus its efforts to create an inclusive and open work environment – find out more here
In our Human Capital Report 2022 you can find more detailed facts and figures about our workforce. 

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Deutsche Bank grows in specific functions and regions.

Recruiting outstanding talent remains a key priority for the bank to further enhance our capabilities. In 2022, the bank hired almost 13,000 employees across all regions, divisions and corporate titles. Hiring focused on filling front office roles in growth areas, strengthening our IT function and onboarding talents to meet the growing demand for regulatory roles.

Deutsche Bank remained committed to its strategic priority of hiring university graduates. In 2022, Deutsche Bank hired 1,278 graduates and vocational trainees.

Internal mobility plays a vital role in developing and retaining qualified, talented employees and ensuring that the bank continues to benefit from their expertise and experience. The bank fosters mobility between divisions, which enables employees to broaden their skills and experience.
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enablement index

Deutsche Bank's workforce is highly engaged.

Every year, we ask our employees to give us their open and honest feedback on how they feel about their job, the bank, what goes well, and where we need to improve.

Our People Survey measures key indicators, such as commitment – the degree of pride and motivation, for example employees’ willingness to recommend the bank to friends and family - and enablement – the degree of productivity in their role, its challenge and interest to them, and whether they have the right skills, tools, and resources to perform it well.

The 2022 People Survey proved that both commitment and enablement indices were again above Financial Services benchmarks. Deutsche Bank’s enablement index of 73% matched the high performing benchmark and outperformed the Financial Services benchmark by 3 percentage points.