• Rewarding Performance

At Deutsche Bank, we want to attract and retain the best talent. A fair, transparent and sustainable approach to remuneration is therefore of crucial importance to the bank. Find out how our compensation framework promotes and rewards sustainable performance and contributions based on delivery, behavior and conduct, across all levels of the organization.

We foster a culture of appreciation and fairness and encourage open conversations. Being appreciated and valued in your profession is an important part of working life. At Deutsche Bank, we have established a clear link between sustainable performance and pay.

Total Performance is our approach to comprehensively managing performance and setting positive leadership standards to promote a productive and engaging working environment. It aims to help our people achieve their potential and develop their career by engaging in regular performance conversations throughout the year.

We want to ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them in their respective roles and sets specific priorities to give focus and direction for the performance year. Regular feedback enables our talent to reflect on their performance and, if necessary, make changes to help them achieve sustainable success. Eventually, how well they have done in terms of business delivery (What) and behavior (How) will also be adequately reflected in variable compensation.

of our people agree they understand the results expected of them in their job


In a culture of trust, clear expectations and behavioral standards, we hold our employees accountable for their delivery and do not accept misconduct or behavior that is not aligned with our values and beliefs. If necessary, different forms of consequences may be applied which can have an impact on variable compensation.

In addition to pay and benefits, our approach to recognition also includes important non-financial mechanisms such as feedback, praise and a sustainable performance culture. To further foster this culture of appreciation, we use the ´dbRecognition’ platform as a special way to say "thank you" to colleagues for a job well done, going the extra mile or doing something that reflects our brand and corporate values and beliefs.

Our compensation strategy and framework – sustainable and fair

At Deutsche Bank we believe that how we remunerate our employees plays a vital role in the successful delivery of the bank’s strategic objectives and in maintaining a healthy culture. Attracting, developing and retaining talent on a global basis is central to our compensation strategy. The cornerstone of this is the concept of pay for performance, within a sound risk management and governance framework, and with due consideration of market factors and societal values. See the Compensation section of our 2022 Annual Report for more details.

Our Compensation and Benefits Strategy is aligned to Deutsche Bank’s global business strategy, risk strategy, and to our corporate values and beliefs. It supports the key principle of fairness, irrespective of factors such as gender or ethnicity.

Our Compensation Framework promotes and rewards sustainable performance and contributions based on delivery, behavior and conduct, across all levels of the organization.


agree that performance assessment is driven by delivery, behavior and conduct

While a competitive level of Fixed Pay reflects what you’re paid for the skills, experience and the competencies needed to do your job, variable compensation enables the bank to reward employees for their individual contribution – business delivery (What) and behavior (How) - as well as group and divisional performance.

An employee’s total reward package, however, is much more than monthly salary and annual variable compensation. The bank recognizes the diversity of our workforce and strives to offer a broad, meaningful and competitive range of country-specific benefits.