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Berlin – Our locations in the capital

City Population: 3,677,472

Berlin epitomises Germany’s momentous history as the very definition of perseverance and ingenuity. The city's vibrant urban culture embraces diversity and individuality and is a hive for innovation and creativity where start-ups, creative industries and traditional businesses all thrive. As early as the 1920s Berlin was a centre of culture on a par with Paris and London. It’s no accident that Deutsche Bank was founded here in 1870. Today, the city plays a key role in Deutsche Bank's future concept with a clear focus on innovation and digitalisation.

Variety of different businesses and areas

  • Technology Centre Berlin

    The Berlin Technology Centre will primarily support the ambitions of our Investment Bank and Corporate Bank through application development and the integration of new technologies.

    Berlin is a thriving location for technology and fintech companies, with a strong support network of academic institutions, large corporates, and innovative communities. It has the second biggest startup scene in Europe and benefits from a diverse talent pool. The city is a hub for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise, which represents a key opportunity for the bank to create significant value for its clients and further enhance the efficient running of its operations.

    Deutsche Bank’s Technology Centres deliver application development and support to the bank’s businesses and infrastructure functions and currently operate in the US, Europe and Asia.


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  • Anti-Financial Crime Hub

    Deutsche Bank benefits from having a highly experienced and dedicated AFC function in Berlin, which is continuously self-critically assessing its strengths and areas of improvement and continues to invest in all aspects of its program as opportunities arise. This exceptional commitment of the AFC function prepares Deutsche Bank for future challenges in fighting financial crime.


  • Corporate Bank - EMEA Centre of Excellence

    Our EMEA Centre of Excellence lies at the centre of our service and support for our Corporate Bank clients across EMEA. It enables us to bring together front-to-back processes, create synergies across Corporate Bank products and focus on continual improvement.


  • Quant Institute

    The Quant Institute in Berlin is unique within Deutsche Bank: The diverse teams with people from over 20 countries, many of them with a STEM background, cover the quantitative aspects of risk management and risk modelling. The teams work globally across the areas of Market Risk Management, Model Risk Management, Risk Methodology, Enterprise Risk Management and Credit Risk Management.

  • DB Direkt

    DB Direkt GmbH is part of the Deutsche Bank Group and its sales and service centres support Deutsche Bank’s branches.

    Its core activities include direct sales of selected products, arranging advisory meetings and activating digital services. DB Direkt also supports the employees in Deutsche Bank’s branches with a comprehensive set of customer services.

    DB Direkt’s sales and service centres are located in Essen and Berlin.

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  • Quartier Zukunft

    Deutsche Bank has launched a new architectural concept in the heart of Berlin to build a creative, modern meeting spot for businesspeople, private clients, creatives and start-ups. Whether you’re looking for a meeting spot to take care of business, a place to develop networks and generate ideas, or simply relax and have a coffee. Quartier Zukunft is an urban oasis which represents a modern, urban lifestyle. A “green café” for creative respite, a changing exhibition on the theme of sustainability and an open-plan marketplace for workshops and small events. An urban place of inspiration for any situation.


  • Innovation network hub

    Deutsche Bank’s goals include making its services even more straightforward, more efficient and more customer-centric. Headquartered in Berlin, Deutsche Bank’s five innovation labs are a network of important think tanks and sources of inspiration in this effort. The labs play a key role in the digital strategy and growth of the bank. Here, external innovations are combined with the requirements of our businesses and refined.  And test scenarios are created for the banking business of the future as a platform for cooperation with start-ups.

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  • Branch presence

    We have a substantial branch network in Berlin as well as specialist teams and  infrastructure units.  The Service Centre provides administrative support for the branches throughout Germany, with a special focus on risk management. The prestigious Unter den Linden building is home to various infrastructure functions and is also a representative office of the Deutsche Bank Management Board.

  • Palais Populaire

    The Palais Populaire is an embodiment of the broad cultural and societal commitment of Deutsche Bank and is a forum for everyone who wants to experience art, culture and sport in an interdisciplinary format. Exhibitions compiled from the collections of Deutsche Bank, cooperation partners and private collections are among the activities offered, along with lectures, discussions, painting workshops and much more. A strong signal to underline the importance of art, culture and sport for society. The attractive location in the Prinzessinnenpalais at Unter den Linden and in the immediate vicinity of the Berlin State Opera provides additional appeal.


  • Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft

    Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft takes its name from the Chairman of Deutsche Bank who was assassinated in 1989. Herrhausen was considered a courageous free thinker who was strongly dedicated to the common good. In this spirit, the Herrhausen Gesellschaft advocates for a free and open society and unity. It creates a forum for openness and tolerance in our interactions with each other through events, publications and pan-European projects.


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A place to be

  • Business

    Berlin is a major industrial and service hub and fertile ground for start-ups. Companies from all industries and countries have traditionally located large branches here. After Germany’s Reunification in 1990, Berlin’s economy was restructured and took a new direction – toward a clear focus on knowledge-centric production. Creative and cultural fields, biotech and communications technologies are key economic sectors. Berlin is a world-class city with the fourth largest economy in Europe.

  • Education

    Berlin is one of the world’s top capitals of higher education and home to more than 40 universities and higher education institutions. From the humanities in the tradition of Humboldt to advanced technology projects, Berlin reflects the full spectrum of today’s education landscape.

  • Infrastructure

    All parts of Berlin are easily accessible. Commuter rail and subways connect its districts from Charlottenburg to Neukölln and the outskirts are easily and conveniently reachable as well. A quirky detail for fans of statistics: Berlin’s local transportation system circles the earth 8.7 times per day. And, after a very long construction period, the new Berlin airport is ready to welcome visitors from around the world.

  • Art and culture

    The Berliner Philharmonic, the Berliner Ensemble theatre with its strong Brecht tradition and Deutsche Oper Berlin all form part of the city’s rich theatre landscape. The list of the city’s major cultural institutions is long and varied. From the Pergamon Museum and National Gallery to the Egyptian Museum with its famous bust of Nefertiti, from the Reichstag and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church to Bauhaus architecture – in Berlin, history meets contemporary vision. The country’s momentous recent history is present everywhere – from the Holocaust memorial to the Berlin Wall. Along with Cannes and Venice, the Berlinale is among the world’s major international film festivals. And, of course, Berlin also has spectacular sporting events to offer. The Olympic Stadium in Berlin is the location of many different international sporting events and a huge draw annually for football fans from across the country for the German Cup Final. Berlin, Berlin, we’re going to Berlin!

  • Food and drink

    “Currywurst” (sausage in curry sauce) was invented in Berlin and today – along with the equally ubiquitous doner kebab – is a symbol of uncomplicated everyday cuisine. In Berlin, there’s a fast food shack and doner kebab stand around every corner.  Each year, Berliners consume 400,000 doner kebabs and, believe it or not, 70 million curried sausages. No wonder then that the city even has a currywurst museum! Of course, Berlin is also home to world-class starred restaurants as well as a diverse culinary offering, sometimes specific to certain neighbourhoods, from across the globe. Berlin’s signature drink, the “Berliner Weiße” (sour beer) is the perfect accompaniment for a warm summer night in a beer garden along the Spree River.

Did you know that...

… experts in Deutsche Bank’s private client business can use eye tracking to very quickly review and improve the user friendliness of digital applications? The requirement for this was a study completed in the Berlin innovation lab with which the quality of the bank’s digital services could be greatly improved once again.

… initiatives and events are held in the Quartier Zukunft’s Urban Garden that are tailored to the respective season and current issues? It’s worth it to stop by often.

... statistically speaking, a new start-up is formed every 20 hours in Berlin? Thanks to Deutsche Bank’s innovation lab and start-up initiative, they have a strong partner to help them right in their backyard.

… Deutsche Bank’s Palais Populaire offers in-person events as well as an extensive digital selection of workshops, readings and tours for children and adults alike?

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