Women are less likely to pursue further education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects and are underrepresented in technology roles across industries. While the two facts are linked, companies have a range of options available to them to help strike a better gender balance in technology teams.

At Deutsche Bank, we explore how we can make a difference at every stage. From getting students interested in STEM, to hiring diverse talent and offering interesting career paths, we believe we have a responsibility to increase the level of female technology talent – regardless of whether they end up at Deutsche Bank or not.

This website provides a window into our efforts. While we would be thrilled if this was the catalyst for female talent to look into opportunities at our bank, we would be equally excited if it provided ideas for how to drive better inclusivity in technology.

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Our Women in Technology Community


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Developing our talent


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Creating the next generation of women technologists


  • There are myriad ways in which we are enabling our talented women to develop their skills and explore new careers in tech. Discover more.

  • An inclusive culture is built from the inside. Hear from some of our employees who are making a difference.

  • The way we develop our technology talent is award-winning! Find out more about our innovative approach

  • Hear from 6 female Deutsche Bank employees who showcase different personal and educational backgrounds, different career stories, discuss what it’s like to be a woman in banking as well as all the roles available inside a bank.

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Meet some of the people that contribute to our Women in Technology community

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