• Wide ranging benefits which focus on your wellbeing

A healthy, engaged and well-supported workforce is better equipped to do their best work and, more importantly, enjoy their lives inside and outside the workplace. That’s why we are committed to providing an environment with your development and wellbeing at its center.

Learning & Development

Giving you the tools to succeed

Learning is a key element of our people strategy. It allows our people to grow, keeps them fit for the future, and helps them develop professionally and personally. We strive to offer you an engaging, personalized and varied learner experience at every stage of your career with us. With our €70 million investment in employee training in 2019, our commitment to training is plain to see.

Connect2Learn is our digital learning platform that offers you on-demand online educational content. Through our own digital libraries and partnerships with libraries such as getAbstract, S4K, and Intuition, you‘ll have access to 40 learning topics including 55 immersive virtual classroom experiences in local languages and 3,500 curated videos, articles, podcasts, and TED Talks. And for leaders, we have dedicated resources such as manager guides, coaching cards, and group development resources.

Our mentoring programs are where our people help each other to succeed. We have a range of mentoring programs: Reverse Mentoring is where cross-generational collaboration unlocks the power of perspectives across generations; the Cross-Divisional Program is where employees are supported as they take on their first management role; and the Cross-Company Mentoring Program is where high-potential women already in management positions or highly specialized positions help each other to improve their management skills, develop a broader industry knowledge and understand different corporate structures and cultures.

Job Shadowing
Enhance your career by spending a day in someone else’s shoes. Job Shadowing is an informal learning tool that allows employees to spend time with employees from other functions, gaining a new perspective and receiving advice on other specialties. This is currently open to employees in the UK & Germany but will subsequently be available globally.

Leadership Capability Model
We pride ourselves on preparing our leaders to be fit for the future. Our Leadership Capability Model provides our leaders with a consistent vision of how we understand leadership and what we expect from them through on-demand, modular educational content that is personalized to you.

Work-life balance

Helping you enjoy life outside work

A healthy work-life balance is essential in sustaining a meaningful career. With a range of benefits including flexible time management, we provide the tools you need to manage professional and personal commitments.

Home office flexible work time
We support flexible working, whether that’s working from home, flexible working hours or even part-time working. However, it is important to note that opportunities will vary depending on your particular role.

Annual leave & more
Employees are entitled to generous leave allowance (details should be discussed with local recruitment teams). Additionally, paid leave is granted for special events including, wedding/civil partnerships, compassionate leave, paternity leave or when you’re caring for a sick child. On top of the statutory 36 months of parental leave (Germany), Deutsche Bank offers an extra six months of parental leave – providing you have been with us for more than three years.

Support & Counselling
Whether you need professional help or personal advice: Deutsche Bank offers a comprehensive support network ranging from career advice, mental health support, assistance in finding childcare or social care for the elderly.


Looking after your wellbeing

We are committed to fostering a sustainable work environment that focuses on financial, social, mental and physical wellbeing. With benefits such as preventative health measures, health insurance, sick pay and opportunities to stay physically fit, we believe that we can make a positive contribution towards your overall wellbeing.

Health insurance
You can choose between statutory or a range of private health insurance options. Our statutory health insurance ‘Betriebskrankenkasse BKK’ is available exclusively to Deutsche Bank employees and their families. Aside from shorter waiting times for appointments, BKK provides access to expert medical consultations over the phone and regular health checks.

Health Check & Eye Test
All of our people aged 40 and above, are eligible for a health screening every three years; and for our people over 50, it’s every two years. If you work in front of a screen, you’ll receive an annual eye test and up to €200 towards the cost of a pair of glasses.

Sick pay
Beyond statutory sick pay, Deutsche Bank will also cover the difference between your net salary and the statutory sickness benefit allowance. The duration of the sick pay will be dependent on the number of years you’ve worked with us.

Rewards and everyday benefits

Rewarding your commitment

We are dedicated to providing you with the maximum financial security we can offer – from special savings schemes to subsidized public transport, we want you to make the most of your finances. In addition to competitive compensation, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits that will help you to thrive.

There is a range of everyday rewards and benefits that are eligible to our employees, ranging from commercial discounts, travel insurance, company car and travel season tickets (dependent upon role, and location). 


Taking care of life beyond work

We understand that pensions can be a dry topic; however here at Deutsche Bank, we are dedicated to simplifying the complexities, so that all of our people can enjoy their lives beyond work. To provide a great foundation for your future, we provide our people with a comprehensive pension scheme that delivers all the security and all the flexibility you need.

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