• Developing our talent

Training opportunities

We believe there are a number of ways to learn and develop – and we want to give our talent options to fit their role, their requirements and their time commitment.

  • External offerings: Deutsche Bank partners with a number of training providers to deliver up-to-date and self-paced learning. This includes providers such as Pluralsight and Qwiklabs
  • DB Cloud Engineer Programme: Run alongside our partners at Google Cloud, this training equips our engineers with deep technical hands-on Google Cloud skills so they can support the bank’s migration to the cloud
  • Engineering Days: Every month, the bank hosts an Engineering Day to get our technology talent away from their day-to-day work to learn and train for what comes next.
  • #IAMREMARKABLE: A Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. Since 2020, trained DB facilitators offer these workshops regularly, with over 70 sessions conducted to date
  • Back to Engineering (B2E): This initiative is for individuals who have an engineering background, but for various reasons have drifted away from the technical roles and would like to return. Through this program, we help participants develop the confidence and opportunities to change to a technical engineering career with a dedicated learning track, mentor, buddy, sponsor and access to technical experts to support the learning journey.
  • dbTechAccelerator: Designed to fill the gap in digital skills by providing an opportunity to retrain as a Software Engineer, regardless of technical background or current career path. This exciting opportunity provides a 12-week full time training bootcamp to equip participants with a foundation of the technical and non-technical skills required to commence their journey as a Software Engineer.  
  • Global Enterprise Engineers (GEE) programme: Aims to accelerate the impact of high-performing Engineers from AVP-Director levels, who would benefit from learning more about technology collaboration, leadership and presentation skills.

Coaching / mentoring

  • MentoRings: MentoRings are groups of mixed corporate title and cross-department colleagues, meeting monthly, to discuss curated relevant topics or key issues of the moment with a view to learning and developing in a group construct. Each group is led by a senior woman to enable networking and profile-enhancing opportunities.
  • GEE Preparation Coaching: Pairs aspiring GEEs with our existing GEEs in the WIT community and beyond to help support candidate skills development, preparation and readiness to gain successful entry to the GEE program.
  • Male Allies: We understand the importance of having strong, male role models who can help us progress our diversity and inclusion agenda. Many decision makers across the bank are men, and therefore they hold considerable influence when creating change. We work with a number of men, at all corporate titles, to accelerate our movement.

Hands on learning

The 70/20/10 model suggests that 70% of our learning happens through experience. To ensure our talent can learn through hands-on efforts, that are fun, we run a number of events throughout the year to teach new skills and get our people comfortable with new technology.

Hackathons: We hold both large and small hackathons throughout the year to develop solutions quickly, increase networking across the bank and teach our talent how to use new technology. Our largest hackathons have supported charitable causes while our last large-scale event aimed to use AI to improve accessibility to our services. During this event we built the apps in Google Cloud for the first time to teach our talent how to use the platform.

Gamification: For many years, we have used gamification to bring learning to life. Recently, we have used this technique to improve data analytics capabilities, which we see as critical to the future success of the bank.
Competitions: Our long-running “Dabble” contest enables our talent to apply data science to solve real life challenges faced by banks.