• Our Women in Technology Community

Our purpose

The Women in Technology (WIT) community at Deutsche Bank is an employee-led initiative that aims to encourage more women to follow a technical career path and remain technical.

The group has the following objectives:

  • Work with other people initiatives to build a platform for women to return to coding and build engineering skills
  • Provide training for empowering women to exert more technical influence
  • Build an open and supportive network to encourage career development of women in technology
  • Provide public speaking opportunities at Tech events (internal and external)
  • Provide mobility opportunities for our members
  • Support the recruitment of female technologists
  • Provide access to external speakers and industry influencers
  • Establish regional hubs of WIT to promote our objectives globally

Our initiatives

The WIT volunteers work all year round, on top of their day jobs, to help train, inform and mentor female technology talent at the bank. Most recently, the community launched a Female Engineering Toolkit comprising of:

  • DB Tech Accelerator: Global rollout of a programme that supports retraining into engineering roles, regardless of your technical background
  • Back 2 Engineering (B2E): Aims to help those with an engineering background or interest in technology to update and apply their existing technical skills in a practical environment
  • Additional training time for technical training, coaching, branding, influencing skills
  • An ability to opt into having a mentor
  • A mentorship scheme for women wanting to apply for the bank’s flagship Global Enterprise Engineer Programme
  • A WIT sponsored module in our Global Enterprise Engineer programme themed around Empathy and Allyship

Our people