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"Controls Testing and Assurance (CT&A) performs a key role for Deutsche Bank as a 2nd line of defence function by providing independent feedback on the adequacy of controls related to Compliance and Financial Crime Risks. These are critical risks to DB. As part of the 2nd line of defence, we engage with AFC and Compliance daily and go beyond specific reviews, allowing us to get closer to the risks. However, we also maintain a healthy degree of independence from AFC and Compliance. We report directly to the responsible Management Board member, Stefan Simon, which allows us to provide independent feedback also on controls operated by Compliance and AFC themselves. We are growing and investing in the function as Deutsche Bank focuses on further strengthening the control frameworks around Compliance and Financial Crime. Having been with DB all my professional life, I am passionate about supporting the company in understanding the maturity of its controls to drive improvements in these key risk areas. I am proud to lead DB’s global CT&A team with its subject matter expertise and strong control mindset."

Valentin Hofmann
Global Head of Controls Testing and Assurance

About Controls Testing & Assurance:

CT&A is a key pillar in Deutsche Bank’s risk management framework, working in close partnership with Compliance, particularly Business Line Compliance, and AFC in assessing the design adequacy and operating effectiveness of the Bank’s controls. Through our controls testing, we can identify areas of control weakness and work directly with the business as a key partner in driving control improvement. CT&A is also responsible for identifying any gaps or weaknesses in the Bank’s adherence to applicable laws, regulations, rules and standards of self-regulatory organisations. As well as controls testing, CT&A plays a role in conducting quality assurance on key business processes to manage Financial Crime Risks (“FCR”), enabling our businesses to continuously improve the way that they conduct their risk management processes. Reflecting the breadth of the DB business, client coverage and geographical footprint, we have a diverse team covering related risks and controls in Trading and Sales, Advisory, Corporate Banking and Private Banking, including Wealth Management. Our team is based in DB’s major hub locations, as well as parts of Europe and APAC performing testing and branch inspections across multiple Compliance and FCRs .

Our people tell you more about working in Controls Testing & Assurance

  • Mostafa Portrait

    Mostafa, Controls Testing & Assurance, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    “One of the benefits and advantages of working in the Controls Testing & Assurance team is that you get exposed to all aspects of the business, reviewing front to back processes and controls, which many may not get to experience. This is a great learning opportunity for myself and also exposes me to senior leadership and stakeholders within a specific country.”

  • Careers-infrastructure-cao-nadiya-teaser-640x410.png

    Nadiya, Team Lead for Compliance Testing, based in London, UK

    “Due to the increased regulatory scrutiny, the role of my team is becoming more important in the industry. Working in CT&A can be challenging at times. However, the role is always rewarding when you know that your team makes a significant impact and keeps the bank “safe” from regulatory fines and scrutiny.”

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