Frankfurt – main metropolis and headquarter of the bank

City Population: 691,500

Frankfurt is home to the bank's headquarters, where we have more people here than anywhere else in the world. The city is growing, international and diverse, making it the natural home for Deutsche Bank.

We opened our first Frankfurt branch in 1886 and have had our headquarters here since 1957. Since then, the bank and city have grown together and our iconic towers building frames the city’s skyline.

Our management board and almost all of our services and divisions have a presence here – including our Digital Factory and DWS, one of the world’s leading asset managers. We are building a bank of the 21st century across all our businesses. Amongst our many office locations in Frankfurt we have the Deutsche Bank Campus and the historic bank branch at Roßmarkt in the central business district. Working for Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt means being at the centre of everything we do and having unparalleled opportunities to build the career you want.

Our offices

  • Deutsche Bank Towers

    Deutsche Bank’s headquarters is home to the Management Board and all of the bank’s infrastructure functions. From Finance to Compliance to HR, thousands of our employees work here. The Twin Towers are a striking feature of Frankfurt’s cityscape at 37 stories high. In 2011, the buildings were renovated from the ground up and are now contributing to the bank’s goal to become carbon neutral. In the first two years alone, the building conserved one billion litres of water and reduced the annual heating energy required by nearly 70%.

  • Deutsche Bank Campus

    The eight-story office building was created in 2017 as Deutsche Bank's newest cultural center and is in the middle of the banking district in the neighborhood of the Deutsche Bank Towers. The campus is an innovative platform for the global art landscape. It’s home to artwork by over 140 artists. Investment Banking and DWS are located in the DB Campus. DWS is one of the world's largest Asset Managers and headquartered here.


  • IBC

    The International Business Campus (IBC) is in the Bockenheim district near the Frankfurt fair. Our Private and Corporate Bank have offices here. Since 2005, the 765 × 500 cm sculpture "Cash Flow" has been displayed in the entrance.

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At the heart of Europe

  • Business

    Frankfurt is a financial hub that’s home to the European Central Bank’s headquarters, the stock exchange, the trade fair exhibition centre and technology companies. Its well-developed infrastructure provides easy access to all markets, both regional and global. In total, the city houses more than 40,000 companies – from industrial operations, logistics firms and small workshops to a wealth of creative agencies and lively start-ups.

  • Education

    Frankfurt’s education infrastructure is as rich and diverse as the people who live here. The broad range of schools include many bilingual schools and day-care centres. Goethe University Frankfurt with its many different areas of study is one Germany’s largest universities and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is one of the most prestigious private business schools.

  • Food and drink

    There is nothing that’s impossible to get in Frankfurt – its restaurants span the world’s cuisines. At Kleinmarkthalle, visitors can choose from a cornucopia of local and exotic foods or eat them right there alongside a cup of coffee or glass of prosecco. The regional cooking is distinct as well. Even if “Rippchen mit Kraut” (pork cutlets with sauerkraut) and “Handkäse mit Musik” (vinegar-marinated cheese with onions) are not to everyone’s taste, a rustic evening with an earthenware jug of local apple wine in Sachsenhausen should not be missed. And even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a fan of Frankfurt’s famous “green sauce” – made of a mix of herbs and served with eggs and potatoes.

  • Travel and excursions

    Frankfurt is quite literally situated in the centre of Europe. And access to the Frankfurt Airport means the world is your oyster. It takes just two hours to reach nearly every European capital from here. Underground and commuter rail lines connect every corner of the city and the greener pastures beyond its borders. People who live in popular towns in the Taunus region like Oberursel or Bad Homburg can reach the city centre in about half an hour.

  • Art and culture

    The theatre scene in Frankfurt is broad and diverse, featuring the large municipal theatres along with four privately run companies, including the English Theatre, and many smaller independent theatre troupes. Interested in art? You are spoilt for choice in Frankfurt. The Städel on the Schaumainkai and the Schirn in the heart of the city are known well beyond its borders. Film buffs and friends will enjoy visiting the Film Museum, and the Caricatura Museum upholds Frankfurt’s reputation as Germany’s satire capital.

  • Cosmopolitan and friendly

    Our bank’s employees report here about their jobs in Frankfurt and what they love about the city.


Did you know that ...

... the elevators in the Deutsche Bank Twin Towers are intelligent? They take passengers directly to the desired floor without making stops in between. The energy generated by the elevators is used to charge the bank’s own electric vehicles in the underground garage.

... the Historical Institute of Deutsche Bank not only houses an extensive archive but also conducts historical research projects and issues publications? Its research focus is the National Socialist period. Deutsche Bank was the first German financial institution that had this era investigated thoroughly and unconditionally. After the Wall came down in 1989, the bank again came into possession of the files from the former Berlin branch.

... Deutsche Bank’s Twin Towers are not just office buildings? They are also an art gallery, with each of 60 floors devoted to a single artist whose work is showcased in the hallways. Visitors from outside the bank can also request a tour.

 ... Deutsche Bank lent its name to the major stadium complex in Frankfurt’s Stadtwald district in 2020? The stadium can seat nearly 60,000 fans and will be expanded further in the coming years. Deutsche Bank Park is the home pitch for Eintracht Frankfurt, one of Germany’s great traditional football clubs. The grand spectator stands are considered unique and regularly provide magical moments with imaginative choreographies. Deutsche Bank Park is also an appealing venue for events, regularly featuring international artists.

... the reduction of carbon emissions in the Deutsche Bank head office equals the emissions of 6,000 passenger vehicles driving 12,000 km each?

... the banks of the Main River in Sachsenhausen are not just a popular spot for relaxing on summer nights? You can also stroll along the embankment from museum to art gallery and always find something new. Located right in the middle: Frankfurt’s Städel, one of Germany’s most important art museums featuring pieces from the Middle Ages to the present. Its exhibits include an extensive loan of more than 500 works from Deutsche Bank’s collection.

... the oldest Deutsche Bank branch opened 150 years ago?

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