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Compliance at Deutsche Bank sits at the heart of the Bank’s non-financial risk control framework to manage compliance risk across DB geographies and businesses. Through established risk management processes, the experience of our Compliance teams, in partnership with other 2nd line of defence functions and in co-operation with our business divisions, Compliance is at the forefront of helping to protect DB and its clients from Conduct and Regulatory risk. At the centre of our risk management capabilities, Compliance is developing cutting edge technologies to identify and manage conduct related risks, for example through our eCommunications, Voice and Trade Surveillance function. The Compliance department also plays an integral role in supporting the group’s strategic objectives, including the application of values & beliefs, and ethical standards. These are set by the Management Board and we are always seeking, through our strategy, self-challenge and partnerships with Audit and our regulators, to continuously improve. Compliance has a matrix structure that combines regional coverage, business line coverage and global functional coverage in its core areas. These include Advisory Compliance; both business line and Infrastructure Coverage, Surveillance, Risk Assessments, Compliance Training, Conduct Compliance and managing specific compliance risks such as information barrier/conflicts of interest through our Control Room and Employee Compliance functions. Compliance also has responsibility for large disclosure and takeover panel reporting, providing a breadth of opportunities to manage across a broad range of risks and regulatory requirements.

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Compliance surveillance performs a critical role across Deutsche Bank. Its objective is to detect misconduct: for example, market abuse. With advanced technologies enabling trade, eCommunication and voice surveillance capabilities, our highly skilled and motivated global team analyse the activities of the global business lines.

The process is constantly evolving as new risks emerge and new technologies and approaches are deployed. Surveillance offers a fast-paced and technical working environment, where our analysts require a deep understanding of the bank’s business strategies to disposition alerts.

The function responds effectively and flexibly to challenges and allows individuals to thrive in an environment that works closely with the Business, Business Line Compliance and Technology functions across Deutsche Bank.

With ongoing investment, the strategic programme has a focus on the evolution of surveillance, working in collaboration with a leading team of technologists and using a broad range of technology solutions such as speech-to-text transcription, data and behavioural analytics, natural language processing and other machine learning techniques to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of identifying potential problematic behaviour.

Business Line and Regional Compliance

Business Line and Regional Compliance

Deutsche Bank is a global investment bank, servicing many different types of clients, from private individuals to large corporations. Our service includes retail banking, trade financing and cash management. We help our clients to manage their risk through hedging strategies and their investments through mergers and acquisitions or financial instruments. As an independent and robust second level control function, the Compliance department seeks to manage compliance risk and deepen the culture of compliance at Deutsche Bank. Working closely with the business, the compliance team ensure that our risk-based programme is both globally effective and locally anchored to our key divisional businesses, regions and countries. Business Line Compliance and Regional Compliance Officers are at the heart of this activity, located close to the businesses that they advise. They provide expert advice not only on the bank’s business activities, but also on its policies and control framework. As well as an advisory role, Business Line and Regional Compliance are responsible for the ongoing monitoring and assessment of our businesses. The teams identifying potential risks or areas of control weakness and work with the business to develop a plan to enhance or remediate the risk management environment. Risk management and partnership with the business, our regulators and other control functions is at the centre of Business Line and Regional Compliance roles.

Compliance Risk Management Functions

Compliance Risk Management Functions

It is widely recognised that managing compliance risk is critical to the stability and reputation of the financial services industry. Compliance at Deutsche Bank plays a critical role in doing this and has highly experienced risk management functions which are the center of competence for managing key compliance risk types. Conflict of interest is one such risk type. Conflicts of interest can be found in all aspects of our operations including, inter alia, our business practices and products, organisational structure, transactions with significant shareholders and client transactions. Conflicts of interest may also arise due to the personal interests and connections of our employees. What is important for the bank, our employees and our clients is that we identify conflicts as they arise and that we take actions to manage and mitigate them. There are many risk management strategies that we deploy to do this, and also specific functions established in Compliance, including the Control Room, Employee Compliance and Research Compliance. In addition, our Compliance Risk Assessment team works together with our Business Line and Regional Compliance coverage teams to perform ongoing assessments of our risk and control environment. Our internal training team develops regulatory and risk management focused training for our employees bank-wide, one of many ways that Compliance impacts the Deutsche Bank risk management culture and the overall conduct of the bank.

Our people tell you more about working in Compliance

  • Adrianne Portrait

    Adrienne, Compliance Risk Manager, based in Birmingham, UK

    “The effective management and coordination of complex reviews are in my view the best way to contribute to the enhancement of processes and controls in our bank. Compliance offers opportunities for anyone with the drive, ambition and work-ethic to carve out a career for themselves.”

  • Damon Portrait

    Damon, Business Line Compliance Officer, based in Frankfurt, Germany

    “I am often being asked if my job as a Compliance Officer would not be one-sided. I am not sure what this is trying to say, do we mean the role is one-dimensional? One sided does not work here in my view. The opposite is the case. As a Compliance Officer you can expect an interesting job where no two days are the same with many opportunities to develop. The most important thing to me is that your work here is making a difference and the results are visible. ”

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