Spring into Banking

Programme overview

This one-week programme will provide students with an overview of Deutsche Bank and the different divisions we have within the organisation. This programme is for people who are looking to learn more about the opportunities for students within the banking and finance industry.

Your time will start with a cross divisional introduction into working in the banking industry. Led by our industry leading trainers, you will learn how financial markets work and get to know more about the way Deutsche Bank operates. You will meet a variety of people, from analysts and associates right through to senior management – all of whom will help you to build a professional network that will serve you throughout your career.

You will be exposed to different areas of the bank, and will have the opportunity to shadow various desks within a division to see what goes on behind the scenes. There will also be multiple opportunities to practice and develop your soft skills such as networking, presenting, and interviewing. These soft skills will be developed through our extensive list of speaker sessions, panel discussions, mentoring groups, and interactive activities.

This one-week programme will typically take place in the spring. The exact dates are usually posted on the job description.

Personal stories – Spring

Show content of Helge

Investment Bank: Corporate Finance

“Regardless of which career path you ultimately take, this is an excellent opportunity to see inside a bank and broaden your knowledge of the workplace.”

What brings you to Deutsche Bank?

I come from Sweden where I’m studying for a BSc in Business and Economics at Stockholm School of Economics. I wanted to gain hands-on experience of the industry and get a better idea of which team I’d most like to work in.

What’s been the most useful aspect of Spring into Banking for you?

Work shadowing was incredibly useful because it allowed me to see for myself what a typical day in the job would be like if I joined as a full-time analyst. But Spring into Banking has also helped me to prioritise different courses at university and to think about what work experience opportunities I need to pursue.

What surprised you about Spring into Banking?

I didn’t realise how much time the people at Deutsche Bank are prepared to invest in their interns. For example, an analyst in the Corporate Finance team spent nearly two hours with me explaining a merger model he had been working on.

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Investment Bank: Corporate Finance

“Spring into Banking was a very well-structured and carefully thought-out programme that confirmed I do indeed want to pursue a career in investment banking.”

What brings you to Deutsche Bank?

I come from Seoul in South Korea and I’m studying for a BSc in Government and Economics at the London School of Economics. I wanted to get an insight into investment banking and to enhance my chances of securing a summer internship.

What have you gained from Spring into Banking?

I now understand much more about the operation of Investment Bank: Corporate Finance, in particular Equity Capital Markets and related products. It’s been a great professional networking opportunity and I’ve also made new friends among the other interns.

What advice would you offer other students thinking about Spring into Banking?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – people are much more willing to help than you think! I was genuinely surprised by Deutsche Bank’s commitment and dedication to helping students like me.

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Investment Bank: Markets

“The people I met were very diverse. I used to think you had to have certain inborn qualities to work in banking, but now I know that anyone with skills or knowledge to contribute can find a place in such a massive industry with so many divisions and teams.”

What brings you to Deutsche Bank?

I come from Guangzhou, China and I’m studying for a BA in Economics at the University of Cambridge. My course is quite theoretical and I wanted to gain some more practical experience of the market. I heard about Spring into Banking at a campus event and was impressed by just how welcoming Deutsche Bank people were.

What was your best moment during Spring into Banking?

I remember leaving the office at 1830 on the second day of shadowing, feeling energised by knowledge. Some of the chats I had on the economy with the team were better than macroeconomics lectures at Cambridge! It was exciting to see how everything I’d researched for the final presentation and read in the news came together. I stayed there for another half an hour to digest and summarise what I’d learnt.

Tell us something surprising you’ve discovered about Deutsche Bank.

I never knew Deutsche Bank was so committed to enriching its contemporary art collection. For someone who’s been in love with studio art for more than a decade now, this is extra motivation for working hard on getting a place on the graduate programme.

Show content of Faisal


“The Technology division has a very relaxed atmosphere. Everyone works hard but they have fun too. This wasn’t something I expected looking from the outside.”

What brings you to Deutsche Bank?

I come from Birmingham, England and I’m studying Mathematics and Physics at the University of Warwick. I wanted to gain a first-hand knowledge of how technology drives a financial institution such as Deutsche Bank.

What have you found most useful about Spring into Banking?

The work shadowing proved to be invaluable. I learnt so much about the culture and the type of work Technology people do on a daily basis. I also found the group activities fun and engaging: they demonstrated banking activities in an interactive and practical way.

Tell us about something that happened during that week that’s changed you.

I now know how to network effectively: a skill I’ll be making good use of in my future career. I put it into practice straight away during work shadowing at Deutsche Bank. Everyone was so friendly and approachable and I’ve taken away many business cards.

Who can apply?

First-year students completing a three-year degree or second-year students completing a four-year degree. All degree disciplines are welcome. We are looking for candidates who demonstrate a strong interest in working in financial services or have a passion for technology.

How to apply

To apply to this programme, please select Corporate and Investment Bank or Technology. Students will need to apply online and complete an online situational judgement test. If successful there will be further inductive reasoning tests, and finally a recorded video interview. Spring into Banking is a programme that not only recognises your talent but also rewards it. At the end of the week, you will gain early access to the interview process for the Summer Internship Programme.

Please visit Students and Graduates – Deutsche Bank Careers (db.com) to apply.

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