Syda maximises business results with teamwork

Syda recently moved from Deutsche Bank’s London office to our new Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Berlin to become part of our pioneering, multicultural project bringing innovation to finance. She was instantly inspired by the challenge of building something new within the bank and took over the reigns as the Team Head Client Service for Cash Management.

Inspired by a changing world of finance and emerging digital possibilities, the CoE is a playground for pioneering thinkers who are always looking to try out new ways of doing things. We created the CoE to be a hub for the future of banking and the future of work. And people like Syda who are starting there now are playing an active part in making that a reality.

Getting the team together

Syda has put together a team fit-for-duty in a remarkably short time to get the business going at the CoE. “To build a great team, there’s no surefire recipe for success”, Syda says. “All team dynamics are different. However, the ingredients for what makes a team successful are similar across the board: having mutual respect, common and aligned goals, open communication, and patience.”

In her 16 years of working in the world of banking and finance, Syda came to the CoE equipped with a whole lot of knowledge, skills, tips, and tricks. Along the way, she also came up with her own philosophy on how to lead a team: “I make an effort to get to know my team members by reaching out to them and learning about their lives. I ask them lighthearted questions about their everyday life or personal interests. I found that that’s a great way to build trustful and respectful relationships.”

A diverse workplace

Before coming to Berlin, Syda lived and worked in Karachi and London. Working in the context of different cultures, she feels more aware and has great respect for cultural differences. She sees this respect for cultural diversity reflected in the CoE: “This is a diverse, inclusive workplace. There is an openness to this place that I haven’t felt anywhere else.”

And all that at the heart of Berlin with its booming fintech scene, attracting people and investments from all over the world. It’s no wonder that Syda felt right at home when she touched down in Berlin: “You will love the way the city welcomes foreigners.” The working culture in Germany is something else that surprised her – in a positive way. “People here work in a highly efficient way to make the most of their hours, allowing you to close your laptop on time and head off home.”

Taking risks

The most important thing Syda learned on her career journey is to take the risks that take you somewhere new. She made use of Deutsche Bank’s internal mobility opportunities to work in different cities around the world: “It took me to where I am today, working as Team Head Client Service at the CoE. I stand for persistence, hard work, and never taking shortcuts.”

We're at the start of an exciting transformation at Deutsche Bank, and our CoE in Berlin is the place to be for everyone looking to shape the future of finance. Much like the capital of Germany, the CoE stands for multiculturalism and diversity – bringing together people from all over the world in a place packed with possibility.