Rohit’s leading an agile transformation

As Chief Scrum Master in our office in Pune, India, Rohit is helping to implement and co-ordinate a more agile approach to working. His role is at the center of a journey of transformation taking place at Deutsche Bank, spanning our technology, our people and the way we work.

Agile working processes, such as ‘Scrum’, have their foundations in the tech firms of Silicon Valley; but, the principles of agility heavily overlap with banking. That’s why this approach has such a big part to play in the future of Deutsche Bank, as we support our people to use a combination of data, planning and experience to anticipate and navigate potential risks and obstacles and achieve optimal outcomes for clients.

An agile transformation for Deutsche Bank

He’s recently been helping a large part of the business to transition to a more agile way of working. He began by teaching them the principles of agile working and showing them how they can instill those ideas in every working process. Then he worked with members of the team to help them identify areas they can improve and achieve better results. It’s enabled them to work with better flow, make better use of time and money and identify problems more easily, thanks to increased transparency. For him, there’s many benefits to a success like this, “I am proud of it because I am able to make a difference in people’s career growth and deliver value to customers. At the same time, it helped me to grow as professional.”

A digital transformation for banking

As we begin a new era of remote and hybrid workers, it’s more important than ever to ensure we’re using technology to support our people and our clients. Rohit’s passion for technology and optimistic view of the future is helping our teams to adapt for the client needs of tomorrow, “I am excited about the wider adoption of this innovative approach to both engineers and non-engineers across the bank.” This transformation is particularly exciting for him because the more of the company that is familiar with agile working, the more harmoniously they can work together and he is able to focus on the advanced and exciting elements of Scrum, instead of teaching the basics.

A personal transformation for him and his colleagues

One of the key elements of an agile workplace is the ability to learn from the successes and failures of every project, which means that everybody is comfortable taking risks. It’s really important to him that Deutsche Bank is a “safe space to collaborate and learn” and he fosters this environment in his training. When people are able to improve thanks to agile learning, he knows he’s truly having an impact.

For Rohit, success is not just about having the right ideas, but the resources and opportunities to implement them to their full potential. This is why he thinks it’s an exciting time to join and the perfect place for people who want to challenge themselves, “If you are looking for the support system to grow professionally as well as individually, Deutsche Bank is the place for you.”