Ramona is bringing agile to life

Ramona is an Agile Coach and Scrum Master Lead at Deutsche Bank’s Technology Centre in Bucharest. As a true agile leader, she’s transforming the bank’s culture to engage and empower people at all levels of the organisation.

Deutsche Bank is reimagining the way people work and collaborate through its ongoing agile transformation. The IT side and the business side of the bank are coming together to make a real difference – thanks to the ground-breaking work that’s done by people like Ramona.

Accelerating agile ways of working

In 2016, Ramona began to teach herself the basics of agile methodology – out of her own natural curiosity. Her agile journey at Deutsche Bank took off in 2018 when she volunteered to roll out the Large-Scale Scrum Framework in Treasury. It was during this time that she encountered and embraced agile values and principles like transparency, collaboration and responsiveness to change.

Ramona is also part of the Group Agile Accelerator that works towards aligning the various agile ways of working at Deutsche Bank: “Our aim is to stop working in silos and start working across teams so that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every day.”

Change is inevitable, change is constant

“Change has been the only constant in my life,” Ramona says. She moved around and started at new schools a lot when she was younger, went abroad to study and changed her career path several times. And with all of that came new friendships, new ideas and new outlooks on life. “For me, change means progress.”

Stepping into the agile world, she felt like a fish in the water because adapting to change became second nature to her. “Changing your ways is not an easy task, but it accelerates your growth. Just the way agile thinking does.”

Agile means people over process

“I love to work with people and to see them flourish,” Ramona says when asked about her decision to become an Agile Coach for Deutsche Bank. “I have to perform different roles at the same time: I’m a teacher, mentor, adviser and coach.” Equipped with all of these different perspectives, she prepares Deutsche Bank and its people for tomorrow.

Deutsche Bank has changed a lot in the last years – with a long-term goal to achieve more positive impact wherever possible. Ramona put herself right where the action is: the intersection of people and technology. And she makes sure that both work together and evolve side by side.