• We choose to provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds.

  • We choose to respect the individual.

  • We choose to give everyone a voice.

We know that everyone has a choice.

A choice to be a part of our bank and our industry, or not. These choices are not something we take for granted. It’s why we’re on a journey to build a bank that stands for more. A bank that is focused on sustainable business. That has a positive economic, environmental and social impact. That creates more possibilities for all employees to grow and succeed professionally, whilst leading equally fulfilling lives outside of work.

But we know that there’s still room for improvement, and more work needs to be done to advance diversity and promote inclusion across our business and the wider industry.

Read on to discover how we’re creating opportunities for all employees to grow and develop with us, in an environment where they feel welcomed, accepted and respected. And how we are supporting our employees’ development, encouraging mobility and providing mentoring and networking opportunities so that everyone can do their best work and succeed on merit.

We choose to be more.

Inspiring change from within


Creating opportunities for growth


Supporting employees' needs


Developing talent


A more inclusive workplace

We would be nothing without our people. It’s the different perspectives they bring, combined with their everyday brilliance, that drive our business forward and help us make a positive impact the world over. They’re the ones empowering confidence in those around them, inspiring the next generation of leaders and working to create a truly diverse and inclusive culture. These are their stories.

  • Learn how we’re challenging the gender imbalance in technology through networking, talent development and community outreach.

  • Learn how Shani, Jill and Liam find strength in community through the support of our colleagues.

  • An environment where honest and open dialogue is encouraged is vital to creating an inclusive environment. Hear from three of our employees on how they are sparking conversations. 

  • Our people are breaking down barriers, driving change from within that creates a more inclusive culture for everyone. 

  • Phil is using flexible working to live out his family dream.

  • Kisha sees nothing to hold her back

  • Daniela shows that both kids and careers can thrive with the right work-life balance.

  • Wei Wei’s achievements prove that success is more than a mindset – it’s a team effort.

  • Mike is driving his own future, as well as the bank’s

  • Adam is showing us the power of thinking differently.

  • Dienaba found she could thrive in the right environment – and with the right inspiration.

  • Kamalita was given the support to succeed – and now she’s giving it back.

  • Annabel’s return shows that being a parent is no barrier to an amazing career.

  • Ralf is promoting multicultural education to inform decision-making.

  • Danny’s story shows what’s possible when you’re free to be yourself.

  • Mario’s story shows that a good work-life balance can make great fathers even better.

  • Sarah’s showing how positive action can pave the way for progress.

  • Katharina is constantly discovering new career possibilities

  • Rebecca’s progress shows just how much you can achieve in an inclusive culture.