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To thrive in your career, you need to feel respected, recognised and rewarded. You need to have guidance and support. You need to know that you belong and have a purpose.

Here at Deutsche Bank we value our differences because diversity of perspectives, experiences, abilities and ambitions strengthen us as a whole. We’re creating an inclusive culture at every level of our organisation; from leadership and policy making, to development schemes and access to opportunities, to optimised workspaces and much more.

We’re proud of our progress, but know there’s still plenty more to be done. We’re committed to building a space where all employees feel valued, empowered to do their best work and achieve positive economic, environmental and social outcomes.

Across the globe we have thousands of passionate colleagues who are connected by similar backgrounds and identities, and dedicate their time to advocate for under-represented groups, shape our culture and provide allyship to their peers.

Through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and other inclusion-oriented groups, you can collaborate with diverse professionals from across the business; network with colleagues; learn about the issues faced by under-represented groups and, crucially, drive change within the organisation. Whether focussed on gender, race, ethnicity, ability, age, sexual orientation, or other factors, all our groups are run by local teams at the heart of the organisation. In joining our ERGs, you’ll gain a deeper awareness of the issues that affect under-represented groups, and an understanding of how - and where - you can show your support and allyship.

Whether it’s helping to confront challenging subjects openly and honestly, celebrating successes or recognising the enriching experiences of others – each ERG is intently focussed on changing the status quo in a sustainable and meaningful way.


We believe that employees who are engaged, motivated and empowered are better equipped to drive individual and collective success for the bank.

Your personal and professional growth means giving you the tools and the platform to succeed, the guidance to see your potential, and the freedom to pursue your career in a way that works for you.

We’re working towards greater equity across our business, providing practical, hands-on support via mentoring and networking, and offer development opportunities to help you fulfil your ambitions.


We aim to provide a nurturing environment that holds the interests and morale of employees above all else. Our collaborative culture and wide range of benefits are designed to help you navigate whatever life throws at you. Employees can access an array of services, programmes and networks to drive your personal growth, and protect your wellbeing.


A place where you’ll belong

Our colleagues drive us forward, helping us to continually evolve our culture and business to reflect the society in which we operate.

The stories below highlight the individual experiences of our people from across the globe. Each has a different perspective on life at Deutsche Bank and plays a crucial role on our journey to becoming a more inclusive, diverse and equitable company.

  • As the co-chair of our Women on Wall Street (WOWS) ERG in the US, Katie is dedicated to making a stronger and more equitable workplace.

  • Asgar is driving positive change to make our culture more inclusive.

  • Learn how we’re challenging the gender imbalance in technology through networking, talent development and community outreach.

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  • Learn how Shani, Jill and Liam find strength in community through the support of our colleagues.

  • An environment where honest and open dialogue is encouraged is vital to creating an inclusive environment. Hear from three of our employees on how they are sparking conversations. 

  • Our people are breaking down barriers, driving change from within that creates a more inclusive culture for everyone. 

  • Phil is using flexible working to live out his family dream.

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  • Kisha sees nothing to hold her back

  • Daniela shows that both kids and careers can thrive with the right work-life balance.

  • Wei Wei’s achievements prove that success is more than a mindset – it’s a team effort.

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  • Mike is driving his own future, as well as the bank’s

  • Adam is showing us the power of thinking differently.

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  • Dienaba found she could thrive in the right environment – and with the right inspiration.

  • Kamalita was given the support to succeed – and now she’s giving it back.

  • Annabel’s return shows that being a parent is no barrier to an amazing career.

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  • Ralf is promoting multicultural education to inform decision-making.

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  • Danny’s story shows what’s possible when you’re free to be yourself.

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  • Mario’s story shows that a good work-life balance can make great fathers even better.

  • Sarah’s showing how positive action can pave the way for progress.

  • Katharina is constantly discovering new career possibilities

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Our commitment to providing the best possible environment for you to thrive

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Be inspired

Building a diverse and inclusive organisation is a continual process. Whilst we are changing policies and practices for the better, our people are the real change agents. Read on to find out more about some of the inspiring initiatives we are working on to make a real difference to the status quo.

The power of connections

Our Employee Resource Groups across our global locations focus on connecting people who value and promote inclusion, inspiring others to engage in important topics for the business and wider society. Open to all employees, they are a forum for learning, networking, driving change and having fun with colleagues. 

Women in Banking 

We have a number of different but inter-connected groups which are focussed on advancing the gender balance across our business.

In Germany, our women@DB group brings together many different interest groups from across our business and the entire country – to empower women and enable them to achieve their very best here with us.

In the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and Australia, dbGO helps drive progress towards a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment by engaging with leaders to build accountability for change, by inspiring and engaging people through access to role models, by supporting career progression and mobility, and by improving personal brand and networking opportunities. 

Women on Wall Street (WOWS) in the US, works in a similar way and champions the value that gender diversity brings to our business, supporting the work experience and potential of our women. 

LGBTQI inclusion

We are resolute in our commitment to the human rights, dignity, and inclusion of LGBTQI people globally. We have taken strong public advocacy positions, engaged in meaningful conversations with a variety of leaders around the world, and supported our LGBTQI colleagues and their loved ones. We have taken strong public advocacy positions, engaged in meaningful conversations with a variety of leaders around the world, and supported our LGBTQI colleagues and their loved ones.

Our long-standing Ally program is one of the ways the bank supports LGBTQI people. Allies are individuals who do not necessarily self-identify as members of the LGBTQI community but who are willing to be visible champions of LGBTQI employees and their loved ones. As a result, LGBTQI employees feel affirmed and included in the workplace, are happier and more productive.

We continued to intensify our collaboration with coalitions and influential platforms, advocating a more inclusive and just world.

Cultural acceptance and celebration

In 2020 we have all witnessed the anger and anguish that systemic racism across geographical boundaries causes our colleagues from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. The bank has affirmed for many years that having a diverse and inclusive work environment is important to our overall success. But have not made sufficient progress in certain areas, particularly with racial and ethnic diversity.

Whilst our management team are focused on making specific changes to advance our inclusive culture and our racial and ethnic representation throughout our business, our Employee Resource Groups are also very important to advancing the conversations and supporting employees from different ethnic backgrounds. 

Multicultural Partnership (US) 

The Multicultural Partnership’s mission is to enrich the work experience of people of colour and multicultural people because inclusive teams drive stronger business outcomes. They’re focused on building strong communities, celebrating cultural heritage, sharing best practice and supporting the attraction and retention of diverse talent. 

Within the Multicultural Partnership there are three Leadership Forums – focusing on the specific issues concerning particular ethnic groups – Asian, Black and Hispanic/Latino.

All forums are open to all employees and are a key voice in affecting necessary change within the organisation and broader society. 

dbENRICH (UK & Germany) 

dbENRICH supports ethnic minority employees in the UK and Germany by championing, promoting and fostering a working environment where all employees can develop their full potential as employees and individuals. Activities include building awareness of ethnic minority issues, providing education and practical support for employees and managers and acting as a catalyst for change via activities that attract, recruit and retain ethnic minority talent.

Supporting social entrepreneurs in Asia

As part of our CSR Made for Good initiative, we are partnering with global social enterprise enabler Ashoka to help women social entrepreneurs in Asia Pacific to grow their business.

The nine-month ‘boot-camp’ programme, supports the entrepreneurs to refine their business models and expand their operations. As well as benefiting financially from the programme, the entrepreneurs also get the opportunity to being mentored by two of our own women leaders; Caroline Liow, APAC Head of Corporate and Investment Bank Operations and Sunila Shivpuri, APAC Head of Information Security.

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Advancing inclusion and ethnic diversity amongst the community

Our partnership with the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) in New York is part of our long-term commitment to expanding inclusive and innovative educational environments for all.

As part of Deutsche Bank’s seven-point plan to advance inclusive culture and racial and ethnic diversity, Delores Rubin, a Wealth Management Director and member of the Black Leadership Forum (BLF), stepped up as a team leader for SYEP’s workplace challenge that is designed to provide exposure to diverse industries, potential careers of interest and hands-on problem-solving.

Over two weeks, volunteers from our Wealth Management division worked in teams with two cohorts of youth ages 16-24. Teams identified the specific real-world challenge related to driving inclusion within the workplace; generated possible solutions to their challenge; and then crafted a final presentation on their deliverables.

To learn more about Deutsche Bank’s education initiative Born to Be, click here.

Building a global community of Women in Technology

We are passionate about encouraging more women to follow a technical career path and remain technical. Through our Women In Technology Employee Resource Group, we are creating a valuable community and forum for women to share and develop technical skills and grow their technical influence.

Our activities include:

  • enabling women to return to coding and build engineering skills
  • providing training for women to exert more technical influence
  • supporting the recruitment and career mobility of women technologists
  • providing access to external speakers and industry influencers

Be fulfilled

We work hard to create an inclusive culture that looks at your talents first and then encourages you to develop in a way that suits you. Tapping into support networks is a crucial part of this – enabling talented employees to build successful careers and transform into our future leaders.

Mentoring with a twist

By 2025 it is predicted that over half of the global workforce will be made up of millennial employees. At this point, businesses will have up to five different generations working alongside each other, each bringing their own unique perspective.

Our Reverse Mentoring programme flips traditional mentoring on its head, placing our most senior leaders in the seat of the Mentee, and the younger employee in the role of a Mentor. The platform connects colleagues based on a few simple questions, with the perfect match being people of at least one generation apart.

Creating a level playing field

We are working hard to ensure we attract and retain people with disabilities, and we remain committed to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our workforce in the process.

No one does it better than our offices in India, who continue to lead the way on inclusion for physical disabilities: colleagues in Bangalore participated in the annual “I-STEM Hackathon”, bringing together blind and partially sighted developers for coding challenges. The event was a huge success, and even saw our Bangalore team hire one of the participating developers.

Our ground-breaking internship programme for graduates with autism also launched in the UK four years ago. By modifying processes slightly, we were able to provide an environment that supported and encouraged their best work, without timed assessments acting as an initial barrier. Beyond that, the programme enables flexible working and improved communication to allow graduates to excel.

The success saw the programme expanding into the US with five students joining the programme, two of whom are now re-joining the bank in permanent roles.

Enabling refugees to build their careers away from home

In recent years we have developed programmes of support for those with refugee status.
For a number of years we have run our Banking Introductory Programme for Refugees. The programme targets candidates who have financial experience and/or education in their home country and would like to expand their network in the industry.
Participants gain interesting insights into the financial industry in general and Deutsche Bank in particular whilst also benefiting from personal career advice about how to kick-start their careers – potentially at Deutsche Bank.

Rainbow Refugees Mentoring Programme:

We have also recently introduced a mentoring programme for LGBTIQI refugees in Germany, bringing them together with our employees and promoting their integration into society by supporting their arrival in the country and integration into the labour market.

Global high-potential acceleration programmes

For employees who are high-performing future leaders, we have a number of acceleration programmes – designed to develop them both professionally and personally, advance their careers, and ensure they are ready for their next step. 

Our flagship acceleration programmes comprise offerings for senior female Managing Directors, top Director talent, and Vice President high-performers. All programmes follow a global and cross-divisional approach; participation is by nomination only. 

Here are a just a few of our achievements: 

- Accomplished Top Leaders Advancement Strategy (ATLAS), the programme for senior female MDs, was launched in 2009. Since then, the programme has run five times, following a 12-month structured development journey intertwined with personalised individual development measures and is aimed at increasing the number of women in senior positions across the bank. 

- The bank-wide Director Acceleration Programme was launched in 2017, with 169 participants nominated in 2019. It is a 12-month programme delivered through a combination of formal classroom training, internal leader-led sessions, and 1-on-1 and peer coaching elements. In 2019, 42% of participants were female, representing the highest percentage to date.

- The bank-wide Vice President Acceleration Programme completed its fourth year in 2019 with 490 participants selected. Participants attend two modules during their six-month journey, hosted throughout Europe (London, Frankfurt and Milan), the Americas (New York) and Asia-Pacific (Singapore). 

Be supported

We’re open-minded about how our people deliver. We actively support a range of working styles and lifestyles, providing the flexibility and support you need to flourish inside and outside of work.

Managing work and home life

dbFamily is an Employee Resource Group, represented across many of our global locations, which champions employees with dependents and caring responsibilities – how to manage those responsibilities at work and at home while maintaining health and wellbeing. Like all of our networks, dbFamily is open to everyone, taking an intentionally broad interpretation of family to include children, step children, siblings, ageing parents, single parents, adopted families, extended families, new families and families to be.

Raising a family

Our employees are our most important resource and we rely on them to help us shape the future of our bank. Our benefits offering focuses on employees’ financial, social, mental and physical wellbeing and includes around 900 benefit programs worldwide.

In a number of regions, a progressive and family-friendly parental leave framework has been established, no longer differentiating between a male and a female parent but instead following a gender-neutral approach.

The bank also assists working parents, for instance in finding suitable childcare. Overall, we provide more than 370 childcare spaces near workplaces in major global hubs in addition to emergency care days for children every year (in Germany, the UK and the US).

In Germany, working parents can also make use of free-of-charge advice and placement services (e.g. emergency care, au pairs, daycare, nannies, domestic aid) offered by a countrywide cooperation partner. In many countries, where childcare spaces cannot be provided directly, we make contributions to cover the cost of childcare.

In India, Deutsche Bank has partnerships with well-known childcare facilities and covers up to 25% of employees’ childcare costs.

Support for Returners in the UK

Whether you’ve raised a family, set up your own business, or travelled the world, we recognise that not everyone follows the same life and career trajectory – and that there are many talented people looking to return to their professional lives following an extended break.

In the UK we recently launched a supported Return to Work initiative – aimed at providing the training, guidance and support that you might need to find an opportunity that works for you.

Flexing around employee needs

To accommodate employees’ needs and offer flexibility, working from home, working part-time and job-sharing opportunities are all generally available, subject to specific role requirements based on regulatory or client needs. In addition, Deutsche Bank offers a variety of paid and unpaid leave to allow employees to manage special unforeseen events, e.g. sickness of children, bereavement of immediate family member.

Employees in Germany can invest in a personal flextime account, to take leave for a period of up to one year or reduce their work hours.