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Technology underpins our entire business. From modernizing our systems, simplifying our technology environment, to developing industry-shaping tools, technology allows us to connect with and serve our clients, reduce risk and create business opportunities with cutting-edge products. The world is changing at rapid pace and so must we. To do this we are investing in highly skilled, agile teams who will optimise our current systems and develop tomorrow’s solutions.

Our commitment to technology is clear to see; Deutsche Bank has become one of the first financial institutions to establish professional research and development capabilities, including our global network of five Innovation Labs, Global Technology Centres and Digital Factory. We have established a dedicated Technology, Data and Innovation function, which brings together our experts under one common IT strategy. Our commitment to you is to provide an engineering culture which inspires collaboration and innovation. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, at Deutsche Bank you can inspire, test, develop and progress.

„Our technology strategy fundamentally changes the way we develop technology solutions: we bring business units and technology experts closer together in agile teams to jointly develop solutions for our clients. We are strengthening our internal technology expertise, automating processes, reducing complexity, and modernizing our IT infrastructure through long-term investments and the use of cloud computing. This offers exceptional opportunities for talented engineers and technologists who want to drive landscape-altering transformation.”

Bernd Leukert,
Chief Technology, Data and Innovation Officer

Tomorrow’s solutions

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword at Deutsche Bank – it defines our entire approach to technology. We give our people the freedom to explore new approaches because we aren’t reacting to digitalization, we are proactively designing our future.

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  • Podcast UnScripted with Rob Enslin (Google) and Bernd Leukert

    Listen to Rob Enslin (Google) and Bernd Leukert (Deutsche Bank) discuss the strategic partnership between the two companies, and what it means for financial services Interviewed by Jörg Eigendorf (Deutsche Bank)

  • The Reality: Tech in Banking

    The session is designed to give you a realistic and unique insight into what working in financial technology is actually like, what the real disruptors are and how Deutsche Bank is harnessing the latest technology developments. You'll also hear first-hand from Vlad and Toby what the career paths and learning journey could look like for engineers in the bank.

  • Deutsche Bank & Google Cloud, working together

    Our future partnership with Google Cloud will not only transform our IT architecture, but also deliver the next generation of technology-based financial products for clients. Hear from Christian Sewing, CEO Deutsche Bank, and Sundar Pichai, CEO Alphabet and Google, on why they are excited about the partnership.

  • Global Innovation Labs

    Our Innovation Labs connect our internal teams with technology startups. This collaboration is about harnessing cutting-edge technology to solve client problems on a global stage.

  • Global Technology Centre

    Where, and more importantly, how do the people who develop software for the bank’s global businesses, like the NextGen client networking app for millennial Wealth Management clients, work? In the new episode of our video series innovation@db, Cristina Naomescu shows how riding a scooter can lead to ground breaking ideas and playing table tennis helps creativity flow.

  • Digital Factory in Germany

    Over 400 employees from 14 countries working in close collaboration: software developers, IT specialists and financial experts, as well as legal and compliance experts. They are developing, designing and programming new, intuitive applications and products for the customers of Deutsche Bank.

  • Innovation@db: Our hackathons

    Watch how we test Fabric, our award-winning Platform as a Service, at a Hackathon. Fabric enables cross-department collaboration on new software, accelerating the development cycle of software from idea to outcome in a day.

  • Building a better customer experience with Deutsche Bank APIs

    We create a programmable bank for a programmable world. Whenever there is a demand for connecting to Deutsche Bank data and services, you will find a solution here. Our developer portal is the one-stop-shop for all Deutsche Bank APIs.

  • Hackathon in support of Cure Leukaemia

    Providing information to those recently diagnosed with cancer was the inspiration behind Deutsche Bank’s third 24-hour Hackathon. Over 800 volunteers from the bank’s technical staff competed around the clock to design and develop prototypes of a mobile app to support Leukaemia patients.

Personal perspectives

Talented technologists make a positive impact at Deutsche Bank. Hear what our people have to say about the results they deliver to clients, their opportunities for career development, and the scope they have to shape the future of our industry.

  • Mariia Mariia

    Head of Origination & Advisory Technology

    Deutsche Bank is a place where people in Technology are involved in interesting and challenging projects both from a technological and a business perspective. Mariia is our Head of O&A Technology in Russia where she enables collaboration across teams and stakeholders to keep our people on the cutting edge of innovation.

    Mariia more
  • Freddie Freddie


    At Deutsche Bank, we’re transforming the world of banking through technology, innovation, and most importantly: people. Freddie is a former trainee and keeps us innovating with his work around the cloud. All while preparing the next generation of tech talent for their careers at the bank.

    Freddie more
  • Melinda Melinda

    Product Manager

    Change isn’t limited to our ways of working at Deutsche Bank; it’s a key part of our culture. Melinda is at the centre of our Agile evolution, but, just as importantly, inspiring an Agile mindset in everything we do. With the knowledge that our investment in people will be as big as our investment in every business project, she’s excited about what the future holds for her at Deutsche Bank.

    Melinda more
  • Rohit Rohit

    Chief Scrum Master

    We always aim to utilise the latest thinking and technology in everything we do and we rely on our people to buy into that vision too. Rohit is helping us to transform to a more agile way of working and his management and coaching enables teams to learn and evolve from every project. He sees the potential in an agile future for banking and knows that it’s an opportunity for him to grow too.

    Rohit more
  • Mihai Mihai

    Technology Manager, Cybersecurity

    As digital technology has become central to the financial system, cybersecurity and the threats to it have grown exponentially. Mihai joined us as a Business Analyst and credits a culture where everyone’s ideas are heard as key to his growth. Now, he’s helping build and manage teams with inclusivity and openness at the centre so everyone can develop their unique strengths and help us do truly transformative work.

    Mihai more
  • Justin Justin

    IT Specialist Apprentice, Application Development

    Whilst still at school, Justin chose to study IT and proved his affinity for the subject by taking an advances course in his final years before graduating. When it came to choosing a career, his main priority was to find “something with technology”. After his assessment day at Deutsche Bank it became clear that training to become a specialist on their Technology trainee program was the right choice.

    Justin more
  • Etrit Etrit

    Senior Analyst Customer Behaviour & Data Driven Services

    Can psychology and technology go hand-in-hand? For etrit, they represent the perfect combination. “I think that, as well as looking for the traditional applicant profile, Deutsche Bank ist also deliberately incorporating unusual perspectives into the change process.”

    Etrit more
  • Sofie Sofie

    Dual student of business informatics

    One of Deutsche Bank's goals is to attract more women to tech-based roles. This means offering the right career opportunities – from apprenticeship and dual study programmes to internships, graduate programmes and direct entries. After leaving school, Sofie decided for a dual study programme in business informatics combining her academic interest with practical work from the very beginning.

    Sofie more
  • Erin Erin

    Lead Salesforce Engineer, Frankfurt

    The intersect of data and technology is possibly one of the most important and influential areas in business right now. With greater understanding of key data points and through the harnessing of technology we can drive the innovative solutions that are transforming our business. This is exactly why we need people like Erin. She graduated with a master’s degree in education before her interest in economic processes and the financial market inspired her to start a career in banking.

    Erin more
  • Iulia Iulia

    Analyst Low Value & Instant Payment

    Just two years ago, electrical engineer Iulia had never remotely considered a potential career in banking, and only applied for our women's conference out of sheer curiosity. The people and the approachability she encountered there fundamentally changed her perception of banking, and the development opportunities offered by the Technology division won her over completely.

    Iulia more
  • German German

    Software Developer for Client Connectivity Technology

    People want to know that they’re making the most of their skills and doing work that genuinely makes a difference – to clients, colleagues, the industry or society. German joined us last year on the Technology Graduate Scheme and has been playing a pivotal role in an international project that is helping change the way Anti-Financial Crime processes work.

    German more
  • Dipesh Dipesh

    Developer for Application & Integration Platforms

    At Deutsche Bank, we’re on a quest to become even more efficient and agile so that we can innovate faster and stay one step ahead. Imagine the impact of a new platform where over 4,000 developers can collaborate on some of the most disruptive ideas in tech. Dipesh has turned collaborative working into a genuine game-changer for our tech teams.

    Dipesh more

Guiding principles

These are five guiding principles that, applied together, will help us to deliver sustainable technological change in a volatile landscape.

  • Engineering culture

    We develop and deploy in-house technical expertise to encourage collaboration, which boosts the quality of our thinking.

  • Agile processes

    We encourage iterative development to maximize efficiency and help us to deliver exactly what the client needs.

  • Long-term strategy

    We plan to secure sustainable growth so that we can be confident about our continued success.

  • Interconnected infrastructure

    We consolidate the data sources of our applications so that all our software works together.

  • Tomorrow’s technology

    We invest in cutting-edge technology whilst supporting our legacy systems so that we can continue to serve clients today while we prepare for our future.