Ralf is promoting multi-cultural education to inform decision making.

A multi-cultural work environment – where different backgrounds are welcomed and celebrated – has benefits that stretch beyond the individual and impact the business. But how do you make it a reality? It takes business backing and people who are ready to stand up and make a difference.

That’s where Ralf comes in. Alongside his day-to-day role as a Client and Sales Manager, Ralf is the Communications Lead for our Hispanic-Latino Leadership Forum (HLLF), getting the word out about new events and networking opportunities.

Opening doors in the community

The HLLF has a range of initiatives in place to support professional growth, from mentoring schemes to networking events.

“We shine a light on Latino leaders. Then we connect them to more junior employees to inspire their career growth, develop their skills and build networks in other areas of the bank. We also support the bank’s inclusion efforts across recruiting and inter-community communications. It’s part of the bank’s multi-cultural partnership programme.”

Ralf is standing smiling in front of an arriving train

Creating a global mind-set

For Ralf, one of the HLLF’s most important initiatives is celebrating Hispanic and Latino culture. Through educational communications and cultural events, the HLLF are helping to deconstruct negative societal stereotypes and stigmas.

“For one month a year, we promote our culture in the bank. We host events celebrating the various Latino communities to show off our culture and heritage to the rest of the bank.”

Better for business

Thanks to Ralf and the HLLF, communities across the bank are being brought together to build networks, leverage shared knowledge and learn about different countries and cultures. This ultimately unlocks new commercial opportunities.

“Most of Latin American markets are emerging markets, so we have a better understanding of what the economic grooves are there. A more nuanced cultural understanding gives you an upper-hand when discussing situations relating to that country and understanding our clients there. It all leads to better decision making and a better working culture.”

As the bank’s networks continue to grow, it’s clear that everyone reaps the rewards, no matter their background.

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