• Priti fuels her success through her passion for technology

Priti's career journey started in 2008 after her post-graduation in computer science. Amid a recession, she forged ahead into her career as Java software programmer – her first love as she fondly quotes. In 2011, marriage followed, soon she had her first child and that is when she decided to take a break from her career.

A journey of continuous learning

“Explore new things, be open-minded and update your knowledge at every stage of your life.”

Priti’s career break was no hiatus; she embraced teaching part-time at an institute, sharing her IT expertise. Amid life's demands and a second child, her passion for learning endured, using online resources to stay updated in technology.

Learning through teaching: a two-way exchange

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"We learn more while we teach."

The adage profoundly echoes Priti's narrative. Her commitment to educating others acted as a wellspring of curiosity, ensuring she stayed updated with the latest industry trends and technologies. By teaching Java and .NET, she became a perpetual student herself, uncovering the truth that knowledge-sharing is not a solitary act; it is a symbiotic relationship that enriches both the instructor and the learner.

A fresh start with Deutsche Bank

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The break of nearly a decade in the corporate world wasn’t a hindrance due to Priti's dedication to continuous learning. Her inherent passion for staying current equipped her with the skills needed for her new role. Fast-forward to 2023, Priti's path led her to Deutsche Bank’s Resume your Résumé Programme.

“The programme is tailored to help women like me who are re-entering the workforce, providing us with a supportive environment where skills, passion, and commitment is valued.”

The "speak up" culture and a supportive team that fosters growth, facilitated her learning path, fueled by care. Achieving equilibrium between work and personal life, she sums up her first impressions of working at Deutsche Bank as an excellent workplace that is a hub for learning, and a platform for nurturing both knowledge and passions.

Championing the spirit of learning

“Kick off your professional journey again with excitement to learn more every day.”

Priti's journey is one of unwavering determination and the pursuit of continuous learning, she intends to set an example for her children that they too can do it all. From teaching part-time to keeping herself updated with the latest technologies, Priti's dedication became her guiding light to her current role as an Associate with the Risk Finance Treasure (RFT) team at Deutsche Bank. She finds satisfaction in solving problems for clients by developing innovative solutions with the latest technology.