• Natalia

Natalia managed her family commitment without risking her career growth

Times have changed. A career is much more of a journey than it ever was before. There are periods in everyone's lives where circumstances change and the balance between work and home life changes with them. For some this means adopting flexible working practices and sometimes taking time out of the workforce - to raise a family, care for a relative or simply to try something new. As Natalia’s story shows, taking a break and returning to a challenging role is possible, when you have the right support and flexibility in place. We aim to make it as smooth as possible for people to restart their careers with us, because we know that they bring valuable skills and fresh perspectives.

Full-time parent: a demanding experience

“My older boy's a swimmer, national level. So, he took up most of my time. It was morning training, driving him, evening training, competitions…”

After a successful period working in risk management in a number of banking firms, Natalia took seven years out to raise her young family. While the world of risk management can be very challenging, Natalia’s life during her break was eventful and ever-changing. Managing her three children proved overwhelming at first. Her older boy, in particular, grew up to be a swimmer, and competes at national level. And as Natalia quickly found out, she had to put in the same dedication as her son. The life of a talented young swimmer demands a lot of energy from everyone, in and out of the pool.

The big decision

“Raising three children, it’s not doing nothing. But nonetheless, it’s intimidating going back to work. All this technical knowledge was there. It was just at the back of my mind.”

In 2016 Natalia decided she was ready to go back to work. After a long time away, she was understandably a little nervous.

A fresh perspective valued

“I wasn't sure I could make it. But it was a lot easier than I thought. There's a lot on offer here. From training programmes to the general welcoming atmosphere. Deutsche Bank provided fantastic support. I can’t praise them enough for that.”

Natalia’s hiring manager was delighted to be able to bring in someone with a fresh perspective on life. Natalia certainly felt the step up in intensity and the intellectual challenge after being a stay-at-home mum for so long, but we made sure she felt supported from the outset.

We hire returners into permanent roles, giving you the chance to resume your career development straight away. And as Natalia was keen to refresh her public-speaking skills, we made sure she could enrol in training courses to bring her back up to speed. She also had access to a wide range of online courses, allowing her to upskill when she needed.

You flex, we flex

“It's about hanging out with other people...it's nice to have a network. I think it's part of the culture...it feels friendly, definitely.”

It’s not all about skills, knowledge and career development. We also recognise that the demands on a returning parent are unique. In our Canary Wharf office we offer up to 20 days of emergency childcare per year. There’s also a family network that allows you to connect with people just like you and talk about any challenges you might be facing.

Onwards and upwards

“I was promoted this year. I think I exceeded expectations and I was ready for new challenges.”

Her time out hasn’t held her back, as she now overseeing a portfolio from a market risk perspective, helping us to handle the complex risk analysis that are crucial to inform our business decisions.