Mihai is building a better future for cybersecurity.

In a world where so much relies on tech, it’s important to have structures in place that protect the abundance of information it holds. Mihai is the Technology Manager at Deutsche Bank and is playing an active role in the growth of cybersecurity in the Bucharest Technology Center (BEX). He considers himself a builder; working to construct the teams that drive our technology innovation.

“I create teams. I created the non-financial risk IT governance team here in Bucharest. It was a team centred around a framework where people had to deliver against expectations and beyond. I’m very proud of this.”

A start-up spirit

Even though Deutsche Bank is a global, world-renowned business, Mihai explains, “In BEX, we have a start-up culture. Everyone is passionate about being involved but more importantly – to be a part of something bigger.” But Mihai believes it’s important to build teams that go beyond the job. He strives to hire talent that don’t settle at great, but who want to be extraordinary. Through innovative ways of working and the freedom to adapt to his teams’ needs, Mihai has helped them thrive.

A community of practice

Good management is at the core of collective success. For Mihai, it is rooted in adaptability and helping individuals develop their unique strengths whilst also helping them overcome personal barriers to ambition. When Mihai realised some of his team were being held back by their fear of public speaking, he created a space where they could develop their skills.

“I encourage my team to go out of their comfort zones and to do things outside of work. I have people who are afraid to speak in public and for that, I designed a series of conferences where they had to speak in front of engineers. You need to have a mix between technical skills and non-technical skills.”

Making an impact

Since joining Deutsche Bank six years ago as a Business Analyst, Mihai continues to be blown away by the bank’s openness and inclusivity. To be part of a global businesses with vast opportunities for exposure, whilst working in a start-up culture where people collaborate and learn from one another was something he had never experienced throughout his previous careers.

He says, “I’ve been part of BEX for a long time but from day one I was listened to. I didn’t have to earn the right to speak. From the beginning I was treated like family. The Bucharest Technology Center is an extraordinary thing to be a part of.”

Life at Deutsche Bank has shown Mihai how important it is that managers create environments where teams are championed and nurtured in their development. Mihai comes to work every day with the drive that leaders are not those who just manage, but instead build towards better.