Mark is starting to make a positive impact

Mark recently joined the Financial Supply Chain Service team in Deutsche Bank’s new Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Berlin. The CoE is a place dedicated to innovation where many things are different.

At Deutsche Bank, we’re reimagining what a bank can be. And our motto at the CoE is: As digital as necessary, as human as possible. It’s here where we’re bringing together new skills and different perspectives to innovate, progress and make a positive impact. Mark is one of our bright new talents driving that change.

Finding your purpose

Mark wanted to be part of a new, young, dynamic, and international team. He had a feeling that the new surroundings at the CoE could have a positive effect on his work. Giving him something he’s been longing for: a purpose. “I remember my first day”, Mark says. “At the beginning, I was quite nervous, but everyone was so nice, so friendly. I felt really comfortable. And this feeling hasn't changed since.”

When he was a teenager, the global financial crisis sparked Mark’s interest in exploring the financial world. He went on to study banking, finance, and compliance before he hit the ground running on Deutsche Bank’s graduate programme. After exploring different divisions within the Bank, Mark has found his sense of purpose in the people around him at the CoE: “It’s all about the people. I enjoy working with my colleagues. We work closely together, communicate openly, and laugh a lot. Moreover, we are honest with each other and openly share our opinions.”

Making it in Berlin

Berlin is a place of innovation. “By simply walking in the streets and talking to people, you get the sense that this is where the future is made”, Mark says. “In Berlin you’ll find a lot of young people with progressive ideas and thoughts. And the international environment gives you the chance to discuss and exchange very different mindsets.”

Berlin has become a hub for financial innovation – not only for Deutsche Bank: “If you’re working at the CoE, you have the unique opportunity to interact very closely with fintechs and forward-thinking startups.” The coming years will only see more and more companies from the financial industry move to Berlin to be part of its disruptive innovation scene. And it’s right here in beautiful Charlottenburg, where we at Deutsche Bank are pioneering tomorrow’s financial solutions.

Keep on learning

Currently, Mark is working on the automation of processes that help Deutsche Bank manage risks and provide clients with a seamless, responsive experience, ensuring they stay on track with their goals. The pace of change brought about by technology and market trends is accelerating within banking right now. To keep up, Mark has a simple yet effective solution: “The willingness to learn and to ask question will take you a long way. We should never stop learning.”

Deutsche Bank’s goal is to create the conditions for a not only financially healthy future but a sustainable one. And we do this in an innovative and inspiring environment at the CoE in Berlin. New joiners like Mark who are willing to embrace the challenges ahead with an open mind will have a big impact on the future of Deutsche Bank – and the opportunity to really grow into their own.