• Lakshmi unveils possibilities in her life with positivity and patience

Think positive and be positive.

“Patience is key”

Embracing challenges with a positive mindset can truly transform one's journey. From the very beginning, Lakshmi knew that thinking and staying positive, while patiently pursuing your goals would be crucial to her success. This mantra guided her through each phase of her journey.

A pause that led to progress

Raised in Bangalore, she embarked on her professional journey in a financial organisation after completing education. After gaining valuable experience, she transitioned through various roles. However, after her marriage, she took a break to care for her family. It was a period of growth, self-discovery, and introspection.

A tapestry of experiences

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Her journey took diverse turns, from nurturing her family to joining an NGO dedicated to enabling rural women through business ventures. For a few years, she contributed to the growth of rural communities and found solace in doing her bit for the community. Eventually, life led her to foreign shores, including the UK and Germany, as her spouse's career took them abroad. The experiences enriched her perspective and broadened her horizons. Upon returning, she embarked on a new phase, freelancing as an accountant and consultant for various companies from construction to manufacturing, seizing the opportunities to learn and earn on her terms.

The secret of change

“As I found my way back into the workforce, the wisdom of focusing on building the new rather than fighting the old became clear.”
Deutsche Bank’s Resume your Résumé programme’s two-week induction marked a turning point for her when she took up her new role as an Associate in Margin, Treasury and Tax Operations Team. It nurtured her personality, helped to hone her communication skills, and instilled crucial time management and work-life balance techniques. The programme's emphasis on self-care was a refreshing revelation, shaping her perspective on personal and professional growth. The ability to openly express her thoughts emerged as a powerful tool, boosting her confidence in interactions.

Committed to pursue her goals

The team at Deutsche Bank inspired her to pursue her aspirations and dreams, despite career gap. The programme's foundation set the stage for her smooth comeback into the workforce. The enriching collaborative atmosphere, where colleagues across hierarchies willingly support each other, ignites a culture of uninhibited learning. This environment, devoid of preconceived notions, becomes an invaluable catalyst for nurturing both growth and innovation.

Open culture helped overcome challenges

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“The culture of open communication has enabled me to freely express my thoughts, while the inclusive environment treats everyone as equal, irrespective of hierarchy.”

This culture shift acted as a catalyst in her journey of overcoming challenges and embracing change. The proactive stance at Deutsche Bank encouraged her to continually learn and develop skills.

Make use of opportunities

“It's not just about learning, but also about using that learning to earn”.

She believes that her journey at Deutsche Bank been a privilege, where career growth, equality, and opportunities for women are not just words, but living principles. She feels that her team’s innovative spirit, commitment to equality, and ethos have transformed her journey from a career break to a journey of unceasing growth and accomplishment.