Dipesh is creating a platform to drive our future growth

Life moves fast in the world of tech. At Deutsche Bank, we’re on a relentless quest to become even more efficient and more agile, so that we can innovate faster and stay one step ahead. Imagine the impact of a new platform where over 4,000 developers can share, try, fail and make adjustments to some of the most disruptive ideas in tech. Dipesh has turned collaborative working into a genuine game-changer for our tech teams.

Better collaboration, brilliant results

Dipesh explains, “The problem we had was with creating applications. The process of ordering and buying new infrastructure, new hardware and putting it into our data centres used to take around nine months. We set about creating a new application programming interface to speed up the process.” But Dipesh and his team didn’t stop there. They opened the platform up to allow third parties to co-create applications that are relevant to our clients. It allows our developers to do what they do best – write code’.

Dipesh gives a presentation

An innovation journey

Fabric is a public-cloud based platform which is written in standard coding languages that most developers understand. “It’s sort of a banking app store which technologists can contribute to. Now, instead of nine months, it takes around a day to get a product on Fabric and to start hosting your application.”

After management backing and a roadshow of strong sales pitches internally, we were blown away by Fabric’s success. “We launched in March 2017 and today we have over 3,500 projects on the platform, covering around 1,000 different applications. From a team of around 40 people we have opened the door to 4,000 developers helping to contribute to the platform.”

Modernising technology and culture

Without a doubt, Fabric has enabled better collaboration across the bank, allowing tech teams to work together and giving them the power to make change happen. The ever-evolving nature of Fabric keeps it relevant. “Now if someone has an issue, we can point them towards a solution that has already been found, or we give the freedom to fix it or make it better. That’s something I am really proud of.”

  • Dipesh with a laptop
  • Dipesh in a business meeting