Make your online brand tell your story to employers

We asked some of our specialist recruiters what advice they’d give anyone embarking on a career in banking.

They offered some great ideas about how you can differentiate yourself from fellow candidates and maximise your visibility through developing an effective personal online brand. ‘Competition for jobs in our industry is fierce,’ says Annabel Biddle, Head of Talent Sourcing for the UK and Ireland ‘Developing and maintaining an online brand that helps to enhance your professional reputation is therefore key to your success.’

Everywhere people encounter you, they’ll build an idea of what you stand for based on the things that you say and do, according to Annabel, ‘Potential employers are already using these touchpoints – everything from Facebook and LinkedIn connections to publications and projects – to build a richer and more transparent picture of a potential candidate,’ he says. This personal brand can carry more weight than a carefully-manicured, traditional CV.

Not sure where to start? Follow these five key pointers to get you going.

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Think about what you stand for.

Try and come up with a single line that describes your strengths and ambitions – or even a set of values, behaviours and beliefs. Good brands are always consistent, and it’s by setting out what you aim to be that you can drive that consistency everywhere that people encounter you.

Stay current.

You probably don’t look at your LinkedIn profile every day, so it’s easy to let it get out of date. But remember that this is where many recruiters will come first – so you should make sure it’s up to date with details of your latest achievements and projects.

Take advantage of available channels.

Does your school or university have an alumni newsletter? Does your employer offer a blogging platform? Whether or not you realise it, you probably have access to channels you can use to publish industry commentary and thought leadership articles that will help you build your brand.

Keep photos professional.

‘Take a look through the photos of yourself that appear across social media channels. Are you happy for a prospective employer to see these? Make sure that you keep these professional.’

Get out there.

‘Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, keep active across whatever channels you’ve chosen to use. Good content will help build your reputation among people in your network.’