Finding the right balance when returning to work

From raising children, to caring for family members, taking a career break can be challenging, but these experiences away from the office can expand skill sets and widen perspectives. That’s why with the Resume your Résumé programme at Deutsche Bank in India, we aim to provide a smooth, supportive and inspiring return to work.

In the early 2010s, Priti and Shilpa were pursuing successful careers in finance. They both put their work on hold - Priti left to raise her young family; Shilpa too, but with the unexpected need to also care for her sick mother-in-law.

"I always wanted to come back when things settled at home" – Shilpa.

Determined to return to work one day, Shilpa organised her time so that she could look after all the family whilst continuing her personal development. Whether it was self-improvement books or courses to augment her IT skills, she kept her ambitions alive.

Similarly, Priti had ambitious career goals and planned to return to work when her first child was 18 months old. But when the time came, it was hard to find opportunities that aligned with her aspirations, at an organisation that was welcoming to returners and flexible to her needs as a mother.

“Initially I felt sceptical and scared. But the journey with Deutsche Bank has been very smooth and easy going” - Priti

Fortunately, both women came across our Resume your Résumé programme and joined us in April 2022. Having spent several years out of the industry, both of them expected it to be challenging. But through the programme, they received the personalised support and training they needed to successfully reintegrate.

Priti says she initially suffered from “mum guilt” and struggled to balance work and home life. Her manager not only reassured her that she could take it slow, but enabled the hybrid and flexible working solutions that fit her personal needs.

It also became apparent that, in the 5 and a half years Priti was out of the industry, the biggest changes were the smallest things. Whether it was day-to-day processes or new system procedures, she received extensive training so she could quickly catch up.

“I too can take a step ahead” – Shilpa

While Shilpa received practical training, her programme also focused a great deal on boosting her confidence. Throughout the bank, her colleagues went above and beyond to provide emotional support; encouraging her when she doubted herself, empowering her to take on responsibilities at her own pace, and inviting her to inspiring leadership talks from those who achieved great success after their career breaks.

Through their career breaks and the subsequent Resume your Résumé programme, both Priti and Shilpa have learnt career-changing skills and life-changing mindsets. They are proud returnees, harnessing their unique talents to relaunch their careers, and take their professional and personal growth to new heights.

  • portrait of Shilpa
  • portrait of Priti