Kamalita believes in doing the right thing.

When it comes to gender equality, Kamalita’s seen our industry take great strides forward in recent times. Part our team for over 20 years, she’s grown up in an industry that has changed radically. But she also knows the journey isn’t over. As a Director in the Corporate Bank in our New York office, she’s been able to develop her skills and grow into one of our most accomplished client relationship managers – with the support of the colleagues around her.

Making your network count

Like many banking careers, Kamalita’s trajectory at Deutsche Bank has rarely been in a straight line. Throughout all of her career steps she’s relied upon strong networks, self-belief and, crucially, being prepared to take calculated risks.

She feels lucky to have had sponsors, both men and women, who have spotted her potential and backed her publicly, as well as behind the scenes.. She’s now very focused on giving exposure to junior colleagues who are establishing their reputation in the business.

“I provide truthful advice and try to bring (junior colleagues) along for the journey, whether it’s a client meeting or a project. I also speak up on their behalf. I don’t do it for the thank you. I do it because it’s the right thing to do.”

Balancing the demands of the role with parenthood

Becoming a mother has brought new complexities as well as happiness for Kamalita. But she feels that the bank’s working practices make life as a parent much easier. Parental Transition Coaching has been particularly helpful, easing her concerns and helping her to make key connections before she returned to take up a new, more senior role. And the amount of travel that her role requires has proven to be flexible now that she has a small child to take care of. This shift away from long hours and lack of flexibility means that your career doesn’t need to go on hold if your home life changes.

Making change happen

Kamalita is pleased to see the co-ordinated effort to change the culture at the bank. There are increasing numbers of senior women leaders and encouraging numbers of new promotes each year.

“For years, we all talked about what would be the right thing to do to create an inclusive environment. What I love about Deutsche Bank is that it takes action.”