Freddie is underpinning innovation with purpose

Freddie’s journey at Deutsche Bank began on our Technological Graduate Programme and he is now an Engineer in our London office, working in the PnL and Accounting Engine of the bank.

At Deutsche Bank, we’re transforming the world of banking through technology, innovation, and most importantly: people. Our graduate schemes give young talent a lot of space to explore their interests to set them up for a rewarding career in the bank.

From Graduate to Engineer

For Freddie, life at Deutsche Bank has been an eye-opener from the start and shown him that the corporate world is not what he thought it would be when he was at university. “There’s a lot of freedom around what you can do, and what you gain exposure to. Whether you want to be a Java Engineer, a Domain Architect, a Scrum Master, or a Product Owner, the Technological Graduate Programme is the way to work out what kind of professional you want to be.”

Graduates start out by networking with everyone from other graduates to industry leaders, learning, growing, and scaling their day-to-day responsibilities up and down to accommodate their learning journey. Becoming an engineer afterwards, Freddie tells us, he got more responsibility, the opportunity to spend longer periods of time working towards key business deliverables, and truly master his domain.

“This takes you to the next level and allows you to master your trade while continuing your learning journey together with experienced professionals who mentor and support you while you learn to sustainably manage the responsibility and pressure that you are given.”

Finding the right PACE

Freddie has found his footing as an Engineer in PACE, the PnL and Accounting Engine of Deutsche Bank. It’s a large domain with around 400 people and has lots of applications that process trading data for Regulators, Finance Professionals, Accountants and Bankers. PACE provides fascinating problems and with them the opportunity to gain an enormous breadth of experience ranging from coding to architecture to budgeting to leadership.

PACE is right in the thick of the bank's Google Cloud partnership and for Freddie that partnership is a perfect match. Google has an enormous amount of experience and incredible form as a software company, and Deutsche Bank has a long and successful history enabling international ideas as a provider of financial services. Coupling these histories together creates groups of elite professionals solving some of the hardest problems in the industry – with the tools and resources to overcome them.

For Freddie, the most exciting thing about working with the cloud is the chance for technologies and processes to keep up with the rate of new ideas. “Very often we know how we could do something given faster access to different tools, and Google Cloud will provide us with the tools we need to work at the speed that we innovate.”

One such example is Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Developed at Google, it has created some of the most stable systems in the world. Applied at Deutsche Bank, SRE is being put through its paces as a solution to quality of service, security, efficiency, and agility that will create more stable and secure systems to provide high quality service to our customers. It will also make Deutsche Bank Technology a place where engineers have more space to innovate with less stress and can spend less time worrying about existing infrastructure.

Investing in the future

Almost as soon as Freddie left the graduate scheme, he felt a responsibility towards it for the opportunities it had given him. “Graduates often naturally want to mentor and coach the graduates that come after them, and I have loved being given the opportunity to guide and learn from those that came after me.”

Our formula for success? Deutsche Bank invests in its people and boasts an environment where any level of talent can find highly intelligent colleagues, difficult challenges, and leaders who listen and adapt to good ideas. Having a supportive culture is key to ensuring that our people can develop themselves and keep their minds open to change.