Freddie is making valuable connections all over the world.

Networking. Everyone will tell you it’s a crucial skill in the corporate world. But how do you do it effectively? Where do you start? Why is it so important? For Freddie, a Software Developer on our Technology Graduate Programme, getting to know people all over our global business has helped him to learn a lot about himself.

Hit the ground running

As a Computer Science graduate who enjoyed writing code, Freddie left university ready to learn how to do things in the real world. He didn't anticipate just how much there would be to learn. “You meet new people almost every day. It’s a huge help when to moving to a new city and leaving uni that you can spend a lot of time with the wider graduate intake; it makes a nice transition into working life.”

At Deutsche Bank, we understand the importance of helping Freddie and his peers to build their network and support each other. That’s why we developed the Graduate Networking Committee (GNC), a graduate group with a worldwide reach.

“The bank asked for volunteers to become reps for each of our areas to help run the committee. I thought it would be a good way of getting to know people across the world.”

It's our differences that make us stronger collectively

There are up to c.1000 graduates globally at Deutsche Bank in any single year and it’s up to Freddie and the committee to make them all feel connected. In some areas they organise their own initiatives, so for example in APAC there’s an APAC lead who moves between Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong championing some amazing activities.

“They send us photos of them hiking over a bridge somewhere in Australia or on a beach together and we’re sat here in rainy old London! But it's cool to get their perspectives on life at Deutsche Bank and it helps us to always think globally.”

Freddie sees the GNC as a great platform for professional and personal development. One of the events he has been organising in London is a speaker series where senior colleagues from different areas of the bank give talks on hot topics. “We also push out a regular worldwide newsletter with profiles of grads who have roles in interesting areas. It’s really insightful to hear their views.”

Beyond networking

The grads also participate in CSR work together. Freddie was lucky enough to take part in a nine-day trek through Cuba. “We raised around £16,000 for the Deutsche Bank UK charities, Cure Leukaemia and Rays of Sunshine children’s charity.”

His volunteering has opened the doors to even more opportunities. Amongst other charitable work, he is now also an important part of an agile team of developers helping build an app for the Rays of Sunshine charity.

For Freddie, life at Deutsche Bank has been an eye-opener and shown him that the corporate world is not what he thought it would be when he was at university. “There’s a lot of freedom around what you can do, and what you gain exposure to. I always tell people the two best things about the grad scheme are, firstly, the learning opportunities and exposure to the real world and secondly, the other grads; we all collaborate and learn from one another.”